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The Snowman Celebrates Easter Eve

This Saturday evening, on SnowWhiteFM, it is Easter Eve, and we're celebrating the occasion.

March 4 Show Canceled

SnowWhiteFM for March 4 was canceled. It was the perfect storm. It's just that none of us appreciated it that much.
Steve came down ill just moments before the show, and wisely decided to take the night off.
And, at sign on time, we discovered that a serious computer malfunction had managed to trade around some of the installed drive letters. So, our music was on a different drive than our library expected it should be, which meant that it could not be played.
All of that created a regrettable mess, which prevented the program from transpiring this week.

Back In The Saddle Again

Well, The holidays are over, and we're back in the swing of things. You'll find the Snowman Radio back on the air, and up to it's usual tricks.
In hour one, Steve joins me, and we share our personal stories, plus, indulge in the ways in which others have bad days that are worse than our own. We regail one another with our brillian trivia questions, and make fun of the wacky news. All of that comes punctuated with a great selection of good old tunes from the 60's and 70's, and stories from the old days.

New Year's Even With The Snowman

Happy New Year!

MoonDreams -- The Best Kept Secret

In an increasingly chaotic, calamitous world, very much in need of a bit of peaceful releaf, There is one very well kept secret place and time, , that not many people know about. It's a quiet, peaceful space, where you can relax, where your thoughts are your own, and where the music doesn't beat your brains out. It's called Moon Dreams, and it airs each Sunday night at 11 PM Eastern time. The show consists of soothing, gently paced, all instrumental music. There is no host to distract you. There are no commercials to tempt you.

Relaxing New Instrumental Music Show

Now, there is a smoothe, relaxing way to close out your Sunday night, and get ready for the coming week. It's called Moon Dreams, and it airs Sunday evenings, for two hours, starting at 11:00 PM Eastern. The show features gentle, instrumental music, similar to what was called New Age music in the 1990's. It is generally slow-paced, contemplative, and essentially devoid of a presenter's personality. There is no jabber, no one talking, no one to disturb your private meditations, as you wind down for the day, just a gentle, relaxing harmonic soundscape for your comfort and ease.

Program Reorganization

The Snowman Radio airs Saturday evening, from 8 to 11 PM eastern time.
As the program has developed, it has split into two major segments; one that is more focused on talk,and the other focused on the music. But, the talk segment has been in the middle of the program, dividing two major music segments.
My friend Steve has been joining me in the middle hour.
For some time now, I have had concern about how to satisfy what I see as two distinct audience segments, the talkers who aren't into the music, and those who don't want to hear all that talk.

Expanding The Personality Count

The Snowman Radio (SnowWhiteFM) is a three hour show, which airs Saturday nights starting at 8 PM Eastern. During the middle hour, I have invited a long time friend to join me for the broadcast. And sometimes, we are even joined by a third guy. We are all old radio people, with stories about our times in the broadcast industry. So, there is plenty of talk during my second hour, and we usually break it up with a few tracks from 60's pop music, the stuff we remember. We're hoping that the candid conversation, and spontaneous interplay wil be entertaining for you.


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