Sam Britton Joins The Snowman

This week, on SnowWhiteFM, Saturday evening, the first hour will feature a lively and thoughtful conversation with Sam Britton, owner and operator of Missouri Liberty Radio. Sam is a bright guy, with a lot of good insight. And, when he and the Snowman join up in conversation, lots of thought provoking things tend to come up. And, whatever is being discussed, multiple sides of that issue will be considered. And, the Twitter connection will be open, so you can chime in. Not only that, but there will also be plenty of good time music of the 60's and 70's to go along with it. So, your musical apetite, as well as your intellectual apetite, will all be fulfilled to overflowing, during that first hour, starting at 8 PM Eastern on Saturday evening.
IN the Second hour, is the Snowman's take on the history of the day, Chicken Man, Coffee With Ed, and a lot more, plus rocking, happy, hoppin music to brighten your evening.
The third hour is some of the best music on the planet, for mellowing out, yet staying wide awake. It's the Snowman's pick of only the good stuff.
What will they talk about? What will he Play? What kind of engineering mistakes will the Snowman commit this week. With SnowWhiteFM, the technical glitches and snafu's are half of the fun. So, tune in and find out.
It's live from the Heartland, unpredictable, and it's as close as your Twitter connection.
Listen to SnowWhiteFM, Saturday evening, 8 to 11 PM Eastern, on Mushroom FM.