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Laura Nyro Special

Laura Nyro is the topic this week, as Steve joins the Snowman in the first hour. We'll hear some of her original music, some covers, and learn some interesting things about her. We'll hear Laura-related comments as well from Todd Rundgren and Alice Cooper. All that plus the usual fun and games, plus the best music of the 60s and 70s. The fun starts at 8PM eastern, 7 central, Saturday night on

The February 20 Show

The Snowman pays tribute to the late Rush Limbaugh this Saturday, February 20, during the first hour, starting at 8PM eastern. A monster talent has just departed the scene. If you hated him, you didn't know him.

The December 26 Show (Flashback)

This week, on the Snowman Radio, we're saying goodbye to this lovely year of 2020 by winding the clock back 6 years, and revisiting our very first show, which was aired on December 20, 2014. It will be interesting to observe how the show format has evolved over the years. This initial show was a pilot, an experiment, to see whether, after hiding out in relative obscurity, deep in the protective custody of broadcast retirement for over a dozen years, the Snowman still had it in him to do a radio program.

The December 19th Show

This week, on The SnowmanRadio, Steve joins me for the first hour. We'll be playing songs that were popular at Christmas time back in the late 60's. And, we'll pepper in a few of our favorite holiday standards along the way. And, we'll have plenty to say about it, as we tip our hat to the holiday season. Steve tells us about his experiences at a Manheim Steamroller concert. Plus, we'll also have our usual features, the stupid special holidays, this day in history, Coffee with Ed Potter, and lots more.

The November 28 Show

If you grew up back in the 60's, and loved lying in bed late at night, listening to music and distant voices magically coming through the darkness, and whispering through your radio in the heart of the night, there is a lot that will spark memories for you, in the Snowman's extended monologue this week on late night radio.

The November 21 Show

Say What? Really? Steve and The Snowman sleep in the same bed? Say it ain't so! To hear the juicy details, you'll have to tune in, the first hour, starting at 8PM eastern, Saturday on #MushroomFM

The November 14 Show

This week, on SnowWhiteFM?
The silliness of making precise predictions based on rough guesses,
What your tongue can reveal about your overall state of health,
Surviving Covid-19, and The power of positive thinking,
The amusing wacky holidays for the coming week,
The Snowman's twist on stuff that happened on the 14th day of November back through the years.
The show starts with a bang, with music from 38 special
Plus, Great music by the likes of the Mammas and Pappas, Stevie Wonder, America, Al Jarreau, Dan Hill, and lots more.

Show for October 24

This Saturday night, the Snowman takes a good, long look at the telephone, and how it has evolved over the course of our lifetimes. And, we find out how the Snowman's early medical career got derailed, and how his fledgling desire to be a doctor got mercifully redirected. That, and so much more. Plus, we'll groove to great music by Rod Stewart, Chicago, Sheryl Crow, Guess Who, Jim Croce, and heaps more fantastic music from the 60's through the 80's. You can't beat it! It's a party you don't wanna miss, so don't. You can help celebrate show number 1 of the second three hundred shows.

Carpenters Special

If you are a Carpenters fan, you definitely will want to catch the Snowman's next show. On July 25, we will be airing a special report on the carpenters, including some very interesting interviews. Steve will be joining the snowman, and Steve has prepared a special report for us that you will find fascinating. And, we'll also play lots of Carpenters music in that first hour.
All the cool stuff starts right at the top of the show, at 8PM eastern on saturday night. So, don't be late.

SnowWhiteFM July 4th

Well, things have been getting just the tiniest little bit irritating lately, and we are afraid it is starting to come through in our broadcasts. This week, we stretch the envelope just a bit further. And, while we're not rude, or malicious, we're not politically correct either. If you've got a little gravel in your gut, you are really gonna enjoy this one. If you are politically correct, and easily take offense, you probably don't listen anyway. but, just in case, we're giving you this warning, that you might exercise your right to choose.


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