Talk First, Sing later. High Risk Behavior this week On SnowWhiteFM.

SnowWhiteFM, Saturdays from 8 to 11 PM EDT.

SnowWhiteFM is the 60's and 70's weekly music and variety show produced by The Snowman.
The program has always had a dual nature, never quite sure if it was a music program, or a talk program, or some combination of the two.
To be sure, MushroomFM is largely a music channel, but not exclusively. So, we have had the freedom to experimentally explore the mix between these two diverse components, and continue to do so even today.
But, while playing DJ, and spinning the favorite tunes is a lot of fun, it's not really what the Snowman is all about.
He developed his radio chops doing a talk show, one that mostly drew on his fertile imagination, and the rich plethora of intriguing thought that swirls in his head.
And yet, even the loquatious Snowman can't talk for three hours by himself.
So, Snowwhite FM has tried to address both of these goals by doing mostly conversational radio during the first hour, and focusing more on the music in the final hour.
The middle hour is a natural bridge between those two extremes.

This week, the week of Saturday April 1, Steve, the usual co-host during the first hour, will be absent from this microphone.
Instead, the Snowman will attempt to fully furnish a major segment of pure talk during the first 30 minutes of the show.
This is actually harder than you would think, given the Snowman's preference not to prepare the segment, but rather to speak from the heart, and let whatever happens happen.
. If he can do it, it will be an amazing thing. To speak for 25 minutes with no aids, no props, no gimmicks, no nothing, and without the ability to edit out non-optimal content. Can it be done?
Will it be substantive? Or, merely filler.
The mic will go on right after the first song, at about 8:04 eastern, and will remain on until 8:30. There will be no escaping it. The Snowman will have to deliver somehow. Can he do it?
What on earth will he talk about for all that time? Can he make it interesting? Will you fall asleep?Will it be thought provoking, or merely rediculous?
Or, will 8:30 arrive, and the Snowman decline to yield the floor?

The segment will not be power packed with punch, organized, optimized for contentand impact. There won't be any planning involved. It will be one man, speaking from the heart, guided by the spirit, in the presence of the moment. Topics will be those that naturally emerge at the time.

The Snowmans's wish, is that, whatever happens, that it be intriguing, thought provoking, positive, helpful and constructive, punctuated by occasional dashes of "amusing".
Tune in, and you and the Snowman will find out together.

If you are a music buff, and enjoy the music of the 60's and 70's, then tune in about 8:30 EDT, and your desires will be gratified.
But, if you want to think along with the Snowman, or if you just want to see if he can manage to keep things flowing during that talk-only segment, then be there at the top of the hour, and
see what happens.

SnowWhiteFM, 8 to 11PM EDT, Saturdays on MushroomFM.