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The April 18 Show

in the spirit of the idea that, part of maintining a state of good mental health in the face of stress, is to keep a sense of humor, and that a positive disposition, and a hopeful heart are keys to maintaining an effective immune system, we engage in a little tasteful corona humor this week on SnowWhiteFM.
You can take about so much dour solemnity, and apocolyptic projection, before you have just had enough, and your hopeful spirit starts to rebel.

Saturday March 14, Betty The Artificial A I

Steve Joins the Snowman this saturday, and we meet Betty, The artificially inseminated OmniSuspicient answer lady. Never at a loss for words, she has an answer for every question you could possibly ask her. Whether it is relevant, or germaine, is another question altogether. But, in any event, her answers are surprisingly testy and off target. She is a hoot. Worse yet, she has the hots for steve, and he thinks it's allright. Come spy on him, saturday evenign starting at 8PM eastern.

SnowWhiteFM for Dec 28

In the first hour of SnowWhiteFM this week, we'll find out just who actually had a white christmas this year, and it wasn't you. We'll hear about the highway patrol officer who could run 60 miles per hour, and hear all the stupid holidays that you might otherwise have missed. That plus a great lineup of tunes from the late 60's.
Hour 2 features a rundown of the current weather around the nation, a look at this day in history, and a fun trip into the early 70's. And, we'll have coffee with Ed Potter.
And hour 3 is just some of the best darned music on the planet.

Fifth Anniversary Show, Dec 21

This Winter solstice weekend, December 21, is the fifth anniversary of the start of SnowWhiteFM. When this show began, back in 2014, we were on the Mosen Channel. This week, we dig back into the archive, and pull up some favorite segments that have occurred over the years, and play them again, just for old time's sake. Steve will be here in the second hour, and wife Linda ppears in hour 3. Plus, we'll have some nice Christmas music in the last half hour.

SnowWhiteFM for November 23, come see what you've been missing

The Snowman Radio, known as SnowWhiteFM promises to be a really good time this week. WE have upgraded our production techniques, and are really looking forward to trying it out.

September 21 2019 Show Promises Immortality

This week on SnowWhiteFM, we will be featuring all music by dead people. And, a very warm blooded Steve, with his heart beating at double time, will be joining the Snowman in the first hour.

Why I Do It

What does it mean, to have your own radio show? For me, it is the high point of my week.
I, the Snowman, am a retired engineer, now living the good life, a life of mostly leisure and freedom, to pursue what interests me. While still working, I did other things in life, in order to make a more lucrative living. But, radio broadcasting has always been my passion.
So, the oppertunity to broadcast on MushroomFM is a real privilege for me.

Jonathan Mosen Goes Silent

Well, Ok, it's not actually that bad. He's still perfectly fine, and decidedly himself. But, rumor has it that the Mosen Explosion is fresh out of nuclear dynamite this week, and will be taking a well-deserved week off. That's good for him. But, it's tough for you, because you'll be missing 4 hours of quality, live programming that you are used to, as a normal part of your weekend. fortunately, you've got the Snowman Radio to fall back on. There is a darned good time happening, every Saturday night on the mushroom, with SnowWhiteFM, which is another quality, rockin'

Snowman Turns 65

The Snowman turns 65 on Sunday, and who knows what that might mean. There's a small party on the air Saturday evening at 8:00 eastern standard. . There'll be guests, and probably cookies and broccoli. So, it's okay for you to come and join in the frivalities. the food is free.

A Happier, Kinder, Gentler Snowman Radio

I have decided that serious commentary on provocative subjects such as politics and culture, detracts from the overall happy groove of my show. So, that content will be absent from future programs, making them more consistent with the overall Mushroom format. Such content, if any is created, might be podcasted to interested parties, and only mentioned very briefly in the main show, just to give non-subscribers a chance to nip in if they want. . That will free up the main program to be more light hearted, and happy, not dark and depressing. And I like that.


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