Summer In The City

For Saturday June 3. It's summer time, and the music is hot enough to match. And, Steve from Ohio comes out of the spring time shadows to join us, to brighten our day, and tell us what he's been up to. And, when Steve and the Snowman banter, anything can happen, and usually does. That all happens during the first hour of SnowWhiteFM, which starts at 8PM eastern Saturday. Stay in side where it's cool, and let us bring you the summer time, through your speakers. We'd love to have you join us. And, you can tweet us during the show, and we'll be watching for you. So, don't be a stranger to the Snowman Radio, SnowWhiteFM, Saturdays at 8PM eastern. Come and celebrate summer with us. Maybe you should wear your swim suit!
Steve will wear his.