Rockin Steady

Steve returns to join the Snowman during the first hour this week on SnowWhiteFM. Steve and the Snowman were college roommates, and know lots of good, encriminating dirt on one another. Bringing that up from time to time seems to defy resistance. So, there are always plenty of quirky stories about life in the good old days. And, there is a great playlist shaping up, and you are the vbeneficiary, as Steve and The Snowman role the hits, and chat about the music, and the unexpected memories the music evokes.
It is live radio, being produced exactly as you listen.
Plus, this week, we sampel a very rare food recipe that you can't make at home. Will it be good? Or, just good for you. There is often a difference. Sometimes, a big one.
Come join the frivolous fun, on SnowWhiteFM, 8 to 11 eastern Saturday night, on MushroomFM.