Ways to Listen

Currently On Air

Currently on air we have a replay of Mara's Musical Tapestry with Mara Kelland. To be included in the next live show either toot @mara@social.MushroomFM.com or e-mail mara at mushroomfm.com.

At the moment you can hear Chuck Mangione - Feels So Good. To find out which songs we've played recently check out our Previously Played page.

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Ways to listen on any Internet connected device you own

Our accessible player is available right throughout our site. But we're with you on any device, anywhere.

If you're viewing this page on the PC or Mac and want to hear us on that, please find below links to hear Mushroom FM using your favourite stand-alone audio player.

Want to take the fun guys with you while you are away from the computer? Do you have an Apple TV with great speakers? Maybe a specialist media device is your player of choice? Mushroom FM has you covered. Do check us out using these cool apps and directories.

  • Siri. just tell Siri to Play Mushroom FM, not available in the UK due to legal issues there with TuneIn
  • Amazon Alexa, take advantage of our very own Alexa skill. Just say, "alexa, open Mushroom FM".
  • Use the Mushroom FM Google Action. Just say, "Hey Google, ask Mushroom FM to play".
  • Sonos. Search for us in TuneIn, or Sonos Radio and crank up the quality.
  • myTuner Radio.
  • TuneIn Radio.
  • ooTunes.
  • Victor Reader Stream.
  • Sonata.
  • LeaseyRadio.
  • Tapin Radio.
  • RSGames.