March 4 Show Canceled

SnowWhiteFM for March 4 was canceled. It was the perfect storm. It's just that none of us appreciated it that much.
Steve came down ill just moments before the show, and wisely decided to take the night off.
And, at sign on time, we discovered that a serious computer malfunction had managed to trade around some of the installed drive letters. So, our music was on a different drive than our library expected it should be, which meant that it could not be played.
All of that created a regrettable mess, which prevented the program from transpiring this week.
We're both disappointed. We so enjoy spending Saturday night with you, joking around, and playing the good old music from the 60's and 70's.
Doing the Snowman Radio has become a favorite hobby, and we'd like to think we're getting pretty good at it.
WE sure do have a lot of fun, more so all the time. so, if you haven't checked us out lately, do come back and give us another listen.
The Snowman's birthday is next saturday. So, we have to have this computer unscrambled by then.
Wish us luck, and Stay Tuned.