Come and have a drink in The Shed

From 11 Pm Eastern today, that’s 4 am Sunday morning in the UK, and 3 PM Sunday afternoon in Wonderful New Zealand, the Shed is opening up for yet another four hours.
Feel free to have a few quiet ones, while you listen to the Triple Threat, The Live and Loud segment, and other people’s requests.
No need to worry if you start staggering around the shed, it’ll go well with the music, which is generally all over the place! A lot like me, you see.
Did I mention the Rugby World Cup has started? I’ll try not to talk about it too much, for this week at least.

Why Do I Do This?

First, I would like to thank my mother for writing that very nice previous, totally objective blog entry for me. I'd like to think that they have fiber in heaven, and that she's listening in stereo, wherever she is.

Jonathan's inf or Anne, with the Historic, Experimental, Exploding Zone

Sadly, wee Anne is unable to be with us this week, so Jonathan Mosen, her humble understudy, will be trying to get you into the right frame of mind for a groovy weekend, immediately after Brian Dalton welcomes you to it.
So why is it called the historic, experimental, exploding zone, eh? Why?
It's historic, because this will be the first ever show streamed on my brand new computer, which arrived and I set up yesterday.

Come Along for a Musical Safari Bonair Tuesday from 9:00 - 11:00 p.m. EST

Lions, Tigers and Bears, oh my! Join Bonnie Mosen on Bonair Tuesday 9:00 – 11:00 p.m. EST on and in all your fav music apps for a musical safari. If it walks, crawls, wiggles, swims, or flies, we will play a song about it and share stories about our favourite and least favourite animals. We will discuss beloved books and movies about our furry, feathered, and scaly friends and enjoy another tasty treat from the Mosen kitchen.

We're ready for another Pop Vault Break-In

Greetings, One and All! I'm delighted to be able to tell you that “Paskell's Pop Vault” has been broken open afresh this week. The break-in may be short-lived - our presence will be cut short after a mere hour, but that's still plenty of time to throw in a few commemorative tunes.

Fab music, fab news, it's got to be Beatle Beat

We have plenty of great music by the Beatles together and separately on Beatle Beat this week, including a few unusual tracks.
Did you know that back in the early 70s, Ringo Starr sang in a lavish orchestral version of The Who's rock opera, Tommy? It's just been re-released, and we'll let you hear what Ringo sounded like.
Paul is part of a brand new love song for the earth, seeking to raise awareness about climate change. We'll give it a listen.

It's Totally Everything Eighties Monday 4:00 p.m. - 7:00 p.m. EST

For a limited time only, it’s Everything Eighties with Bonnie Mosen Monday from 4:00 – 7:00 p.m. EST on MushroomFM and in all your fav music apps. Axel is ailing, so I will be rocking the Mushroom with some great tracks from the eighties. If it came out between January 1, 1980 and December 31, 1989, I will play it, so put on your snake skin miniskirt, Jordache jeans, and poof up your hair, spray a little Polo or Vanderbilt and prepare for a totally awesome time. We might even reopen the case of “Who Shot J.r.”

G G G G! It's the Mosen Explosion, LTE Edition

Ooh life is busy at the moment! I mean ooh! But I'd rather be busy, so that's not a complaint. Still, it will be nice to take time out and spend four fun hours with the Mosen Explosion family this week. And what a business we have to go through to make the show possible this week! What a business I tell you!

The Shed is opening up later today!

It’s Saturday already, which means I get to open up The Shed for another four hours.
From 11 PM Eastern, that’s 4 AM Sunday in the UK, or 3 PM Sunday afternoon in New Zealand, you can enter the madness.
There is the Triple Threat to look forward too.
The Live and Loud segment is waiting for you to crank it up.
Lots of chatter on Twitter.
You’re requests are welcome, which is a good thing, or I Am The Fly might just make another appearance. Good song that!
To contact me before or during the show with requests, or just to say hi:

SnowWhiteFM Mission

SnowWhiteFM, hosted by The Snowman, Saturday evenings at 8 pm eastern, is a program that is less likely than most to tell you what's coming up this week. The reason is simple. The host doesn't know either. But, stuff always happens anyway, and the host is often as surprised as you are. The music selection is more narrow than most, focusing on music from the 60's and 70's. It's not the variety, and not the requests, but it's the personality of the host, his informal but professional delivery that makes this show come alive. Be here Saturday starting at 8PM eastern to find out why.


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