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Monday's Mosen Explosion remembers someone very special

This Monday’s Mosen Explosion pays tribute to someone special.

In the early hours of 14 April, my Mum, Pauline Mosen, died. In a Mushroom Fm context, she was also mother-in-law to Bonnie, Nanna of Anthony, and a loyal, devoted, supportive Mushroom Fm listener. Those of you who were interacting with Mushroom Fm on Twitter a few years ago may well have chatted with her.

This Friday and Saturday, Mushroom FM celebrates the 60th anniversary of the start of the British offshore radio era

It was very clear from the positive reaction we received to the series of documentaries we ran about offshore radio last year that many of our listeners love offshore radio as much as many of the fun guys do. And Easter Saturday marks a significant 60th anniversary.

Easter Saturday in 1964 fell on 28 March. On that day, radio listening in Britain was changed forever, with the start of broadcasts from Britain’s first daytime commercial radio station Radio Caroline.

Schedule changes starting this weekend

Just a quick reminder in case you've missed our references to this on the air and Sara's previous announcement, that starting this weekend there's a change to our schedule.

PJ Noce can now be heard with Decades in HD at 2 PM on Saturdays. This creates a similar block of content right throughout Saturday, starting with Michael Godin's Treasure Island Oldies at 7. So if you enjoy this, you'll want to keep us locked in all day long and into the wee small hours of Sunday.

It's time for a change and a change of the time

It's that time of year again when humans insist on messing with the fundamental forces of time.

Mushroom FM uses North American Eastern Time as its official time zone, and the clocks in that time zone are springing forward early tomorrow morning.

If you're in North America and daylight saving is observed where you are, then you can tune in at the usual time for your fave fun guy shows. If, however, you are anywhere else in the world and your clocks are not changing this weekend, then Mushroom FM shows will begin one hour earlier for you.

Celebrating the 60th anniversary of a transformative cultural moment on Friday's Mosen Explosion

On Friday’s Mosen Explosion, we celebrate the 60th anniversary of a night that changed music, culture and television forever.

On the night of February 9, 1964, a then record-breaking estimated 73 million Americans tuned into CBS to watch the Ed Sullivan Show, a popular variety program that featured singers, comedians, actors and other performers. But this night was different from any other, because the show's main attraction was a British rock band that had taken the world by storm: The Beatles. They had landed in New York to chaotic scenes just two days earlier.

Join Jonathan and Anthony for some classic kiwi music on our annual Waitangi Day special

It’s Jonathan Mosen dropping in to let you know that as has become a tradition on Mushroom FM, Anthony and I will be celebrating Waitangi Day, which is new Zealand’s national day. We’ll be playing three hours of great kiwi music, slipping in a few old radio and TV ads and talking about some interesting aspects of New Zealand culture. If you’re a new Zealander, you’ll be singing along and hearing songs you may not have heard for years. If you’re not a New Zealander, you may just hear a few songs that become your favourites.

Billy Joel is back, and we're celebrating on the next Mosen Explosion

Who said wishes can’t come true, eh? We had new ABBA music in 2021, even a new Beatles song in 2023, now Billy Joel has broken his long musical drought with a brand new song. No word yet on whether this is the first single from a forthcoming album.

Schedule changes for some of our shows

Changes to the Mushroom Fm schedule are rare, but we are now implementing the second phase of the 2024 schedule.

First, Gordon Luke is scaling back his G Spot show due to other commitments. He'll therefore no longer be heard at 11 PM Saturday, which repeated at 4 AM on Wednesday. But we're delighted that we’ll still hear Gordon
on his 4 PM Wednesday show which replays on Saturday morning. Starting this Saturday at 11 PM and next Wednesday at 4 AM, Ryan will be hear with the Groove Line.

This week, the Mosen Explosion is back from hiatus

The time has finally come when the Mosen Explosion is back from hiatus. First, I’ve had a phenomenal response to the replays of the COVID lockdown shows that we’ve been running while the Mosen Explosion was taking a summer break. I don’t normally listen to my own soup, since I had to put up with listening to it when I did it, but like many people I did take a listen to some of the shows and it was great to be reminded of how the show brought us together during an unsettling and uncertain time. I’m so glad that so many enjoyed hearing them again.

Changes to our Saturday line-up starting this weekend

Saturdays are a day when many of us have a bit more time for the radio. And as the new year settles in, we have some new programming to bring you on Saturdays. So let’s take it from the top and tell you what’s new and changed.


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