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The Mosen Explosion returns for 2023

For 24 years I’ve been ... come on, you thought I was going to say “living next door to Alice”, right? But no! For 24 years I’ve been beamed to all four corners of our circular globe via this Internet radio thing.

Well, all good things come to an end, and so does your break from the Mosen Explosion which returns for yet another year.

On Monday at Midnight and Noon Eastern, Jonathan Mosen presents a two-hour David Crosby tribute

On Monday at midnight Eastern, 5 AM UK, repeated on Monday afternoon at noon Eastern, 5 PM UK, Mushroom Fm will suspend regular programming for a two hour tribute to David Crosby, who died last Thursday aged 81.

David Crosby has been associated with many acts, most noticeably the Byrds, and Crosby, Stills and Nash, who sometimes performed with Young as well.

Join Jonathan, Bonnie and guests live on new year's eve at 3 AM Eastern as we explode into 2023

It has been quite a year, and as we’ve done continuously since 2009, we’ll be broadcasting live from Mosen Towers as 2022 ends and New Zealand becomes the first country to see 2023. That’s right, we beta test the new year, so you don’t have to. If necessary, we’ll even turn the new year on off and back on again before it reaches you. It’s kind of cool that we can broadcast to the rest of the world direct from next year.

The fun starts at 9 PM New Zealand time on Saturday. That equals Saturday morning at 3 AM US Eastern time, 8 AM in the UK.

At 2 PM US Eastern time, 7 PM UK, Jonathan and family invite you to a Mosen Family Christmas

We very much enjoy being a part of the Christmas line-up on Mushroom FM, and for me, broadcasting has been a big part of Christmas since I was a very small child. In fact, next year, I’ll be celebrating 50 years since my first Christmas show.

We opted not to attempt a live show this year, as Bonnie and I are on granddaughter watch and she is due to arrive any day. So we’ve done things a little differently this year.

Relive our holiday countdown on Mushroom FM, and for the first time, Apple Music and Spotify

On behalf of the fun guys at Mushroom FM, thanks to everyone whose votes put the top 100 together, and who made our party so special through their participation.

There were some firsts about this year's countdown. It was the first on a Saturday, the first to start at 7 AM Eastern, and most significant of all, the first on Mastodon which turned out to be a huge success.

At 7 AM Eastern, we're live with the top 100 songs you voted for and a virtual party too. The Seating Plan is available now

You’ve made the list, we have of course checked it twice. We are ready to play the top 100 holiday songs of all time as determined by the Mushroom Crowd in 2022. Fun guy Damo McMorrow begins the festive fun at 7 AM Eastern, noon in the UK. We’ve heard that some people for whom it’s a bit early are even setting alarms and we really appreciate that. One listener told us today that this has now become a part of their holiday tradition. That’s an honour.

It's the final countdown to the Countdown. Voting closes today! Vote and score an invitation to our party

Voting is closing at 11:59 PM Eastern time tonight for our holiday countdown. Every year, we get frantic messages from a listener or two who forgot to vote and really really really wants to. Unfortunately, we can't make exceptions. Once the votes are closed, they are closed. The reason for this is that once listeners have built the chart, work begins immediately on putting the countdown together, so it's ready to go live at 7 AM Eastern this Saturday.

The countdown to the countdown. This year, our Christmas party is happening on Mastodon. Here's how it works

There’s still time to vote in Mushroom FM’s holiday countdown and to receive an invitation to our Christmas party. But time is running out rapidly with votes closing this Thursday at 11:59 PM North American Eastern Time.

The countdown to the Countdown. Making a list and checking it twice. How your votes are ranked and counted

Voting closes in Mushroom Fm's holiday countdown and Christmas party this Thursday at 11:59 PM North American Eastern time. If you haven't voted yet, it's an accessible process that won't take you too long. Visit and be sure that your friends and family do too.

The countdown to the Countdown. We are crackers at Christmas

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas, and there’s not long left for you to exercise your franchise! You have until the end of Thursday US Eastern time to vote for your top 10 holiday songs. Just like all the politicians say every time there's an election, this is our most important countdown ever. The consequences of voting are enormous. You contribute to our top 100 countdown which we play this Saturday, and you also score yourself an invitation to our Christmas party.


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