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At 2 AM and 2 Pm Eastern, Mushroom FM brings you a two-hour tribute to Olivia Newton-John

It's Jonathan Mosen here to tell you about a special show coming up on Mushroom FM.

Olivia Newton-John's music was a significant part of the soundtrack of our lives in the 1970s and 1980s. Following her death at 73, I've put together a two-hour tribute to her. You'll learn a bit about her background, and we'll feature all her greatest hits, as well as some rare early recordings.

Join me at 2 AM Eastern on Tuesday, repeated at 2 PM on Tuesday, as we celebrate the memorable music of this remarkable woman.

Changes to this Monday's schedule. An extended Mosen Explosion, and Treasure Island Oldies takes a break

As we know, it is an era of sickness, pestilence, high inflation, and soup. As a result, both Sara and Gary aren't able to be on the air today. Jonathan Mosen will be here from midnight to 4 AM, repeated from midday to 4 PM, with an extended edition of the Mosen Explosion.

Live like it used to be, at its old time, for one week only, it's the Mosen Explosion

Regrettably, Sara Hillis is unable to produce an edition of Come By the Hills this week, so desperate times call for desperate measures.

Long ago, when life was less frantic, I would bring you a three-hour edition of the Mosen Explosion live every weekend. Of course, the Mosen Explosion continues every week day, using our cool voice tracked technology. But I know there are some who enjoy the immediacy of the email and the Twitter, when you can respond in real time to what’s being said or played, and get a request played in super quick time.

important: if you listen to Mushroom FM with a stand-alone player, please update your links now to avoid loss of service

Over the last week, Mushroom Fm and Mushroom Escape have been migrating to a newer server to restore our Alexa skills and improve reliability even further.

TuneIn has restored normal service

At the TuneIn HQ, they have restored normal service, and when you choose Mushroom FM on TuneIn, you get it.

At Mushroom FM HQ, normal blood pressure has been restored, and we are thankful for TuneIn's rapid correction of their error.
If you enjoyed the programming that you weren't expecting, do check out Mushroom Escape for the best in drama and comedy.

Unfortunately, TuneIn has messed up access to the Mushroom FM stream

This week, behind the scenes, Mushroom FM has been changing streaming servers, a little bit like the old days of changing frequencies on the radio dial. On the rare occasions we must do this, we do all we can to make this seamless for you, so you can just keep on listening.

For that to be the case, we rely on the radio directories that these days serve as the interface between the devices many people use and service providers like us.

Alexa has been sleeping on the job, but she's awake again

Earlier this year, Mushroom FM introduced Alexa skills for both Mushroom FM and Mushroom Escape. A couple of weeks ago, they stopped working. The reason for this is brain breakingly complex, but tracking it down has involved engagement with multiple third-parties. The problem was not within our ability to fix.

It took us some time first to identify the problem and then to develop a path to resolution, but the good news is that the Mushroom FM and Mushroom Escape skills are both working again.

They say it's his birthday! Special programming to celebrate Sir Paul McCartney's birthday this Saturday

55 Years ago, a young Paul McCartney was plaintively asking if we'd still need if, and feed him, when he was 64. It's hard to believe, but this Saturday, Sir Paul McCartney, recognised as one of the greatest lyricists and composers ever, blows out 80 candles. Mushroom FM has special programming to celebrate, starting at 5 AM Eastern, 10 AM in the UK. Check our schedule to find out when that is in your time zone.

We're with U, our radiothon for Ukraine, available on-demand from the Mushroom FM website

On 16 April, the online blind community raised over 85,000 USD as we united for blind people in Ukraine, and those who have become refugees because of Russia's invasion.

We broadcast a concert for over 11 hours, in which we heard performances from more than 110 blind musicians and a few allies.

Listeners were in awe of the talent so generously donated by the performers. Many have asked if there might be an album. We would love to see this happen so we can raise even more money, please watch this space.

Blind Ukrainians need our help. Join us this weekend for our We're with U radiothon. #BlindWithU

This Saturday at 2 PM North American Eastern time, 7 PM in the UK, 8 PM in Ukraine, 1800 UTC, which equates to Sunday at 6 AM in New Zealand, 4 AM Eastern Australia time, Mushroom FM will be broadcasting We’re with U, a benefit concert for blind people still in Ukraine and those who are now refugees.


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