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We're with U, our radiothon for Ukraine, available on-demand from the Mushroom FM website

On 16 April, the online blind community raised over 85,000 USD as we united for blind people in Ukraine, and those who have become refugees because of Russia's invasion.

We broadcast a concert for over 11 hours, in which we heard performances from more than 110 blind musicians and a few allies.

Listeners were in awe of the talent so generously donated by the performers. Many have asked if there might be an album. We would love to see this happen so we can raise even more money, please watch this space.

Blind Ukrainians need our help. Join us this weekend for our We're with U radiothon. #BlindWithU

This Saturday at 2 PM North American Eastern time, 7 PM in the UK, 8 PM in Ukraine, 1800 UTC, which equates to Sunday at 6 AM in New Zealand, 4 AM Eastern Australia time, Mushroom FM will be broadcasting We’re with U, a benefit concert for blind people still in Ukraine and those who are now refugees.

It's rare, it's live, it's a live, rare Mosen Explosion on Thursday

Remember those weekends long ago, where there would be a live Mosen Explosion?

Well, my schedule doesn't allow for that very much, but I will be on the air live on Thursday between 1 and 3 Pm Eastern, 6 and 8 PM UK. Thanks to Sara for letting me borrow an hour of her replay slot.

Save the date. The Blind community comes together for a concert for blind Ukrainian refugees on 16 April

On 24 February, Russian forces invaded Ukraine. The death toll is mounting. Families have been torn apart as some seek refuge in other countries, while others stay to fight for their country's freedom.
Disabled people are experiencing particularly difficult times.
The situation has made many of us feel helpless and heartsick. But there are things we can do, ways we can help.

Clocks go forward in North America this weekend. here's what it all means in a global fungal sense

It's the time of year again, well, one of them, where the times of your favourite Mushroom FM shows may change. We had to pick a time zone, so when we founded Mushroom FM in 2010, we picked North American Eastern time. Daylight saving begins there this weekend.

A decade on, join Bonnie and me for a special anniversary Mosen Explosion

It was 10 years ago, on 4 March 2012, that a Mushroom FM listener named Bonnie Lannom co-hosted the Mosen Explosion I was doing live from Boston, where I was visiting for work. We often wonder how different our lives would have been if she had been doing something else that day, or I had decided to do the show solo. Few couples of fortunate enough to have such a detailed recording of their first proper conversation, but we still have that show, and listen to it occasionally.

Make a request for your valentine on Monday's Love Explosion

Flowers, chocolates, and a special edition of the Mosen Explosion for Valentine's Day. Perfect, especially if rona restrictions are limiting your dining choices this year.

On Monday, it's all love songs, and I would love to get requests or dedications for the special person in your life. Declaring your love on global Internet radio? I mean dude! That is an epic way to show someone you care.

Take a listen. The Mosen Explosion has a fresh coat of paint

Still going strong after well over 20 years on the jolly old Interweb, the Mosen Explosion is back for another year with a face lift. Now all I need is to get a face lift of my own!

This year, the Mosen Explosion comes packed with fun, including more whimsical and whacky news stories, things that make you go “hmm”, and a new daily feature, the brain exploder. Here’s how it works.

Enjoy the best of the theatre of the mind with our new Mushroom Escape Alexa skill and Google action

We have had a fantastic response to Mushroom FM's new Alexa skill and Google action. Now we are delighted to announce that Mushroom Escape is available with a skill and action of its own.

Now every week days at 3 Eastern, A Little Bit of This and a Little Bit of That with Gary G

Not only have we vastly expanded our music library from our four decades of magic Mushroom memories, not only are we rocking a new Alexa skill and Google action, but we're now giving you a chance to hear Gary G every week day. Join Gary direct from South Africa at 3 AM and again at 3 Pm Eastern for A Little Bit of This and a Little Bit of That. It's a pleasant miandar through the four decades that we play with a bit of fun conversation and humour thrown in for good measure.


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