Y'all are invited to a Tennessee Mosen Explosion

What do Andy Murray and The Mosen Explosion have in common? Send your answers on a postcard, or wait until the end of this announcement for the answer.

It's time once again for another Mosen Explosion, as we continue our whirlwind whistle stop tour of the United States. This week, we'll be broadcasting from the very room, the very room I say, where Bonnie spent many of her teenage years as a teenager. We're rockin' the Explosion from Lebanon Tennessee, and what a fun show we have in store.

We'll take you away from Tennessee for a bit, as we go to Virginia to introduce you to the famous Marcus the race horse, who regular Mosen Explosion listeners will have heard many references to over the last four and a half years. We're delighted to welcome Lisa and Gordon onto the show, and visit their stables. It's only November, so no babies will be born in any mangers this week.

We'll take you onto one of those classic southern icons, the front porch swing, where we'll sit and talk about some fascinating history concerning where Bonnie's folks live. We catch up on all our groovy news, and there's plenty of great music in the mix, including some songs about Tennessee, some musicians who live in Tennessee, and a few great country tunes.

We have our full complement of communication methods available for this show, so you'll be able to tweet, email and call into the show, and that would be mighty peachy.

So I do hope y'all come back to join us at 2 PM Eastern, which is 1 Pm Central here in Tennessee, 7 PM int he UK, for another Mushroom Fm Mosen Explosion. We'll serve a slice of home made apple pie and some iced tea. Grits are off the menu though ooooooh.

Oh, I almost forgot, you want to know what the Mosen Explosion and Andy Murray have in common? Simple, we're both feeling a little tennisy.