We're playing What Sounds Good This Week on Come By The Hills!

Yes, since we've done a couple of themed shows recently, I thought it would be nice to simply get back to basics and do what Mushroom FM does best, Celtic style! So, I dug through my collection of Celtic musical goodness and found some of the best of the best this week for your listening pleasure. We've got some classics from Planxty and De Dannan, as well as a great Classic Rock Song as a Celtic Cover. In short, the motto for this week's show is: "WEll, that sounds good. Let's play that song!"

So, join me this week on Come By The Hills: Sunday night at 8:00 PM Eastern with a replay on Friday morning at 4:00 AM Eastern. And if it doesn't sound good, you should feel free to castigate me roundly. Enjoy and thanks for listening!