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The Mosen Explosion has a special tribute to Rolling Stones drummer Charlie Watts

It’s been a rough week for fans of the kind of music we play on Mushroom FM. The tributes I put together for artists are rare, but for the third consecutive day, I am pre-empting the usual Mosen Explosion format to pay tribute to another influential musician who has just died, Rolling Stones drummer Charlie Watts.

Obviously there is a huge amount of music to choose from, and I’ll be telling you a bit about Charlie Watts, how he ended up being one of the longest serving members of the Stones, and what he collected that he couldn’t use.

Paying tribute to Don Everly on the next Mosen Explosion

Once again I am pre-empting the usual Mosen Explosion format to pay a special tribute.

Paying tribute to legendary singer/songwriter Tom T. Hall on the next Mosen Explosion

Every week day at 2 AM North American Eastern time, repeated 12 hours later at 2 PM Eastern, the Mosen Explosion is on Mushroom FM bringing you an eclectic mix of music, today in history, wacky news and listener requests.

But the next show is a bit different as we pay tribute to country artist Tom T. Hall, who died recently aged 85. Tom T. Hall wrote, and mostly sang for himself, a string of hits. I’ll tell you a bit about him as well as play just a few of his best over the course of an hour.

This week, we're taking a trip all the way back to last week on Small World

Last week, we had a few technicals on Mushroom Escape during some of the most popular Small World listening times. They tried to explain it to me, and I think it’s something to do with the doodacky not properly working with the thingamabob widget on the whatchamacallit. Some people who were looking forward to the stories we were playing didn’t get to hear the whole show in full. Which made them sad. We don’t like that, so this week we will be taking a trip back in time all the way to last week in case you couldn’t hear the episode.

Coming up on Small World for 15 August, only on Mushroom Escape

It will soon be time to sit back, relax and enjoy two wonderful hours of the theatre of the mind at its best. It’s kids’ songs and stories on Small World, the kids’ programme for the whole family.

Have you heard of a churkendoose? You haven’t? Well, it is really complicated to create one, that I can tell you. All will be revealed this week.

If you miss the audio described movie version or just love the story so much you’d like to hear a radio adaptation, we’re going 20,000 leagues under the sea. 20,000? Jiminy Cricket! That’s a lotta leagues!

New shows coming to Mushroom FM

As you will have heard from Geno, Time Tunnel Tunes has ended its present series as Geno and Ash prepare for their wedding. All of us at Mushroom Fm wish them both a happy life together and we hope to have Geno back in the near future.

We have a couple of great new shows in our line-up to tell you about.

Another super edition of Small World is coming your way on Mushroom Escape

Another week has flown by like weeks do. Weeks must have pretty awesome wings, don’t you think? We’re getting close to you being able to hear this week’s edition of Small World, the kids’ programme for the whole family, only on Mushroom Escape.

This week, we’re taking a trip to story land with our little carrot eating friend. We have a couple of classic fairy tales for you, one of which has a big bad wolf in it, another has a wicked stepmother! Ooh!

It's a giant edition of Small World coming up throughout Sunday on Mushroom Escape

On Mushroom Escape on Sunday starting at Midnight Eastern and repeated at 4, 8, 12, 4 and 8, I’m back with a fresh edition of Small World, the kids’ programme for the whole family. And oh my word, what a giant edition we have for you this week. We have giants that are selfish, giants that aren’t very smart, and of course if we’re going to be telling giant stories, well we have to tell the story about the giant at the top of that bean stalk!

Not all four-legged animals are our friends, but this week we’ll feature some that are. Can you guess which ones you’ll hear about?

Some schedule changes coming to Mushroom FM

In days of yore, Come By the Hills used to air on Sunday nights. For this reason, we didn't air the first edition of Sara Smiles at midnight going into Monday morning. Now that you can hear Come By the Hills on Saturday afternoons in its new time slot, we have the chance to make Sara's show consistent with the rest of our shows that air every week day, where you hear it first in the AM Eastern time, with a chance to catch it again on the PM.

No Treasure Island Oldies this week

Michael Godin is taking a well-earned break this week, so we'll have a Mushroom FM request stop in the Treasure Island Oldies slots both today and Saturday.


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