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The fun guys are going to make this a merry Christmas

Christmas is a joyous time for many. We gather with friends and family, eat plenty, and value those we have in our lives. Even in regular years, Christmas can be a difficult time for some due to temporary or permanent separation from people who are special. And this is no ordinary year. In many parts of the world, Christmas will be a very different, quieter occasion.

Our holiday countdown and Christmas party is coming up. Here's what you need to know

First, we send our best wishes to those in areas where COVID-19 is causing this Christmas to be like no other in living memory. We are grateful that Mushroom FM is still able to play a role. A virtual get-together such as a Mushroom FM special event is ideal for times such as these.

If you didn't vote in our countdown but would like to join in the virtual party, it's not too late and you'd be very welcome. The fun guys will be able to register you during the event and assign you to a table.

Don't delay! Time's almost up for you to vote for your favourite holiday songs. Here's some background to our big event

There's not long left now. You have until midnight US Eastern time this Friday to cast your votes in Mushroom FM’s holiday countdown and receive an invitation to our Christmas party
where we play the top 100 on Sunday beginning at 9 AM Eastern, 2 PM UK. Have you voted? Have all your family and friends voted? If you answered no to either of those questions, then you have important work to do!

The next Mosen Explosion pays tribute to Charley Pride

Every week day, we explode for you on Mushroom FM at 2 AM North American Eastern time, repeated all over again, because that's really the only way to repeat something right, at 2 PM North American Eastern time. That's 7 AM and PM in the UK.

Coming up, as this decade draws to a close, the last Mosen At Large of the decade. let's recap

It’s been a long, strange, very difficult year for many, and it also marks the end of this decade. So what an opportunity on the last Mosen At Large show on Mushroom FM for the decade to reflect on all that has happened during the last decade, particularly in the technology arena.

Remembering John Lennon, for the full 24 hours of Tuesday 8 December

On Tuesday 8 December, it will be the 40th anniversary of John Lennon's assassination. Mushroom Fm will be devoting 24 hours of programming to commemorate one of the most important losses in music of the 20th century. And when we're talking John Lennon, we're talking about much more than an extraordinarily gifted singer/songwriter. Thought leader, political activist, trend setter, peace maker, poet, visual artist.

Voting is open now for our top 100 holiday countdown. Vote, and be invited to our Christmas party

You've been asking about it, and we're delighted to confirm that it's back. At a time when we sure could use a bit of fun and stability in our lives, we're inviting you once again to compile our holiday chart. When you vote, you get an invitation to our famous virtual Christmas party too.

It's all explained on our voting page at

This week on Mosen At Large, your thoughts on social networking, the Beatles and John Lennon remembered, and we're still on fire

Kia ora Mosen at Largers. I am moving forward with this week’s show in the hope that I will be able to present it, but at the moment, I have almost no voice. What’s that I hear? Cheering? Oh how rude! Rude I say! I hope to be well enough for the weekend but if not I will post via these channels and we’ll do a replay. But it does mean that if you have the means to send an audio contribution rather than written email, you’ll really be helping me out. Still, I’ll gladly take them in whatever form they come.

On Mosen At Large this weekend, many more great tape recorder memories, fired up, tech tips and more

Kia ora Mosen at Largers from New Zealand, where summer is nearly here and cricket is back. Life is good.

This weekend on Mosen at Large, your tape recorder memories, plenty of Apple feedback, label things with WayAround and more

Kia ora Mosen at largers. We have some terrific contributions coming in from all four corners of our circular globe in what will be another informative and entertaining show this week. Here are some of the highlights on which you might like to send in a contribution yourself ahead of the show.


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