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Small World just got bigger!

We have had such an amazing response to our first two shows in this new series of Small World, that it sent all the important people into an important conference! And at the important conference, the important people had an important conversation. Then they made an important decision that having a kids’ programme for the whole family was so important, and that it was important that we listen when people are crying out for more, so it was considered important that Small World now run for not one hour, but two! Holy jumping jellyfish!

This weekend on Mosen At Large, working with financial data in PDFs, advocacy, disability pride and Cleanfeed

Kia ora Mosen at Largers.

We have a lovely, eclectic mix of things to talk about this week with contributions from people in all four corners of the circular globe.

It's nearly time for another edition of Small World on Mushroom Escape. Here's what's on the show this week

Time goes by like it always does, and it’s nearly time for another edition of Small World, the kids’ programme for the whole family on Mushroom Escape.

On the show this week, many of the songs and stories have been chosen by our Small World listeners.

There’s a little fire engine who just wants to help, a tubby tuba that just wants to carry a tune, and be careful! Because we’ll also meet the baddest witch in all the world who just wants to eat children.

Here's what's coming up on Small World this week

At last! We’ve been counting the sleeps and feeling butterflies in our Small World tummies, but it’s nearly time for the first in this new series of Small World, the kids’ programme for the whole family.

This week, Arnold’s been helping us build the new Small World studio, but I’m not sure if it will be done on time and I think we might need more help. Plus, we’ll reveal the secret location of our Small World studio, where a lot has been going on.

Small World, the kid's programme for the whole family, comes to Mushroom Escape this Sunday

It’s Jonathan Mosen, and it is my great pleasure and honour to introduce the latest show on the Mushroom Escape schedule, a show called Small World. Small World is the kids’ programme for the whole family, and you’ll be able to hear it starting this Sunday at 12, 4, and 8 AM and PM North American Eastern time. If you don’t know what that equates to where you are, we’ve got that covered, you can view the Mushroom Escape schedule in your time zone at

Join me and have your say on this week’s Mosen At Large. WWDC recap and thoughts, new iOS 15 goodies, and more on blind people and the medical profession

Kia ora Mosen At Largers.

I’m looking forward to having you be a part of our three hours of information, conversation, and even a little entertainment thrown in. Thank you for being a part of our community.


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