It's nearly time for another edition of Small World on Mushroom Escape, where it's happy ever after

It’s Jonathan Mosen here to tell you about the wonderful songs and stories we have for you this week on Small World, the kids’ programme for the whole family, only on Mushroom Escape.

There’s a bit of an orchestral theme at the start of the show, as by request we revisit the story of Sparky and the magic baton he found, then we conclude our young person’s guide to the orchestra. The big bad wolf is up to no good again this week, but who is he bothering now? When your Mum’s expecting a baby, it’s fun to think about what she might have. There’s part one of a rare New Zealand recording as we go in search of the mysterious Jungle Juice slurp bird. Hopefully, Mr Busy isn’t too busy to join us. By request, we catch up with Gobbolino to find out what he’s up to now he’s no longer a witch’s cat. And can Diana pick up the golden apples and still win the race?

There’s fun to be had for kids young and old, so do join me, Jonathan Mosen, on Mushroom Escape this and every Sunday at 12, 4 and 8 AM and PM Eastern time. Yes, you have six chances to hear it. You can ask your smart thing to play Mushroom Escape, find us in all your radio apps, or listen on the website at, where you’ll see the schedule in your time zone, so you know when things are on where you are. Why not tell all the kids in your life, both young and young at heart?

See you soon for Small World.