On the 20th anniversary of his death, Mushroom FM pays tribute to George Harrison

Whether you think of him as the quiet Beatle, the spiritual Beatle, or the late blooming Beatle, George Harrison was one of the most influential musical figures of the 20th century. Not only were the Beatles the soundtrack of their generation, their music has proven to be timeless, more popular now than ever.

On 29 November, it will be 20 years since George’s death. It was one of those flashbulb moments for many of us. We can remember exactly where we were and what we were doing when the news came through.

Mushroom FM is suspending regular programming to bring you a three-hour tribute to George Harrison. It consists of recollections from George himself and those who knew him, as well as plenty of timeless music.

You have two opportunities to hear the three-hour tribute on Monday, at midnight and noon Eastern time, that’s 5 AM and PM in the UK. Check the Mushroom FM Schedule page to find out when that is in your own time zone.

Celebrating the life of George Harrison this Monday, on Mushroom Fm, available in your radio apps, smart speakers and http://MushroomFM.com.