It's a Sporty, Scary bonair

It’s a sporty, scary Bonair Tuesday 9:00 – 11:00 p.m. EST on and in all your favourite music apps. No worries, we will not be featuring two hours of the Spice Girls! With the Mets and Royals about to hit it off in the World Series, the gates opening for the Breeder’s Cup, and of course, the match of the century between NZ and Australia in the Rugby World Cup, not to mention Halloween, we will play upbeat songs to cheer your team on mixed with some creepy crawly favs.

The Mosen Explosion asks, will you Yodel for your Chocolate Fish Supper?

First of all, attention! Attention! If you're in Europe and your clocks have gone back this weekend, then for one crazy week only, the Mosen Explosion will start an hour earlier, because you're closer to Eastern time than usual! Attention attention attention! So we still start at 2 PM Eastern, but it's now 6 in the UK. Attention!

For 1 week only, 4 PM Saturday, Nothing but Country on Mosen On Down

This week, I'm filling in for Bruce Toews at 4 Pm Eastern. What a privilege to be in the TOTW hot seat. And What a privilege to be sandwiched between the mighty music machine and the telephonic Musical Web.

Breaker, breaker! It's Bonair hauling a big load of tunes about trucks and truckdrivers

Breaker breaker! This is Bonair hauling a big load of tunes about trucks and truck drivers. Copy that? My 20 is and all your fav music apps. My 50 is 9:00 p.m. EST on Tuesday. This week we are celebrating the men and women on the move—keeping us supplied with everything from groceries to iPhones, and of course, the big rigs they drive. We will pop into the truck stop kitchen for another “Food for Thought: and check in on the Fun Guys book club.

Paskell's Pop Vault has a few more Sweet Treats.

Hi Everyone.

This afternoon at 12 Noon Eastern, 5 PM in the UK, we'll be breaking open Paskell's Pop Vault for a fresh hour of sweet discovery.

Chuck in the Mosen Explosion

No particular place to go this weekend? Well, why not head over to Mushroom FM, where entertainment is always on. John Lennon once famously said, "if you were going to give rock and roll another name, you might call it Chuck Berry". Chuck Berry fused the critical elements of rhythm and blues and country to be one of the instrumental figures in the creation of rock and roll. Proving that age catches up with all of us if we live long enough, Sunday is Chuck Berry's 89th birthday.

Come join the pre-party in the shed

On the 19th of October, a long, time ago, in a hospital far, far, away:
A little baby boy was born.
This very small and cute baby, grew and grew, very slowly, and even had people worried, until one day he started growing at an alarming rate!
So much so, he’s now banished to the shed every Saturday night from 11 Pm Eastern, that’s 4 AM Sunday morning in the UK, and 4 Pm Sunday afternoon in New Zealand.
This once cute baby, is now a man, although cute isn’t perhaps the word I’d use to describe him...

Attention passengers! Bonair flight 9:00 - 11:00 has been canceled this week!

Attention passengers! Bonair is grounded this week. Hello my lovely listeners. Due to the plague that has beset Mosen Towers, I am sadly having to cancel this week’s show to get some rest. No worries, I will be back next Tuesday, fresh as a daisy, from 9:00 – 11:00 p.m. EST with two hours of tunes, another “Food for Thought” and lots of chatter. Hope all are enjoying this month’s book club selection.

What's about to be discovered in Paskell's Pop Vault? Find out this afternoon from 12 PM Eastern, 5 PM UK.

Hi Everyone. In the midst of chaos and confusion and the occasional ceiling vault (thankfully a most unusual occurrence), the Pop Vault can always throw up more than enough pleasant surprises for a cheery hour. Join me from 12 pm Eastern, 5 pm UK, right before the first in our new series of Mushroom FM documentaries, exploring the early years of Elvis Presley.

Things are heating up in the shed.

What a week it’s been. Lovely and warm for pretty must all of New Zealand, and it’s still only spring.
Bring on summer, I say.
Do you have a favourite season? If so why?
I can’t promise the Air conditioning will behave itself when the Shed opens again this Saturday from 11 PM Eastern.
That’s 4 AM Sunday morning in the UK, and 4 PM Sunday afternoon in good old New Zealand.
However, I can promise another Triple Threat, and the Live and Loud segment.
Not to forget, the music will be all over the place like usual.


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