"A Cuppa at the Mosens" is getting social

This week on “A Cuppa At the Mosens” we’re getting social! No not Facebook or Twitter; however, they may factor into the discussion. In this ever-changing world of social interactions where people seem busier than ever before, it can be difficult to find your place in society. Whether it be a volunteer role, community group, church, or participating in a favourite hobby, or just making friends. For blind people and others with disabilities, this can sometimes be a frustrating and often disheartening experience.
On today’s show, we will be discussing these situations, the company Christmas party, large family gatherings etc., sharing our own personal experiences, giving advice, and asking for your input. This can be an emotional topic, so this is a safe place to honestly share and discuss your feelings. Remember we can’t have this show without you, so tune in and talk to us and others. To find out how to join in the conversation, visit mushroomfm.com/cuppa.