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We're talking Bioptic Driving this week on Damo's All Day Breakfast

this week on Damo's All Day Breakfast, in addition to the great selection of Aussie and Kiwi music, I'm joined by Belinda O'Connor, the founder of Bioptic Driving Australia.
We'll chat with Belinda about the process and the journey to getting her driver's license as a person born with low vision. We'll also talk about some of the barriers she's had to overcome along the way, and we'll find out about Bioptic Drivers Australia, and it's aimes and objectives.

this Week's All Day Breakfast.

Hi Everyone.

Just a quick reminder to join me for your weekly fix of Aussie and Kiwi music and friendly chat today (Friday) from 4 PM U.S. eastern, 9 PM in the UK, and 6 AM Saturday in eastern Australia. I also have some exciting news re a special guest on next week's show, and I'll fill you in on my latest attempt at home automation.

To get in touch during the show, email damo@mushroomfm.com or tweet @damoonair using the #mushroomfm hashtag.

What do Amateur Radio and Peanuts have in common?

G'day everyone.

This week on Damo's all day breakfast I'll be demonstrating Peanut, but not the salted variety, or peanuts in their shells. After all, who needs or wants a demo of either of those.
Peanut is an Amateur Radio app which runs on an Android or Windows device, and allows you to access a number of digital Ham Radio services without a radio. what makes this demo slightly unique, is that I'll be demonstrating using a BrailleSense Polaris note-taker. I may even enter, all be it briefly, into the great note-taker vs Braille display debate.

Smoked Meatloaf on The All Day Breakfast.

G'day everyone.

This week on Damo's All Day Breakfast we're talking about Meatloaf, and no, I don't mean the famous singer who sung "I would do anything for love but I won't do that", or, as I used to sing when I was a kid "I could eat anything for lunch, but I won't eat that". I've always wanted to try making smoked meatloaf in the smoker, but have never quite gotten around to it, until this week. So, I thought I'd bring you along for the ride as we give this recipe a try.

As always there's also a great mix of music, comedy, and friendly chat.

the results of the Road Test of the New Barbecue, and lots more on the All Day Breakfast.

Last week on the show, we talked a little bout what to look for when buying a barbecue. We also talked a little about my latest barbecue Purchase, which I hadn't yet put through it's paces.

this week, we'll talk through the results of it's first road test, and I'll share with you a quick and simple way to improve the humble steak. Once you've tried this, I'm sure it'll become a regular on your table too.
there's a new tech gadget I'd like to tell you about as well, and, as usual there's a great mix of music and friendly chat.

talking Barbecues on Damo's All Day Breakfast.

Hi everyone.

Last weekend I bought myself a small barbecue (or grill) to go in our caravan. Over the years many people have asked me what sort of barbecue they should buy, along with tips and tricks for using one, particularly in the context of eyes-free operation, so this week on the show, i thought I'd talk through the different types available, their pros and cons, as well as a few tips and gadgets that are helpful in getting started.

Curry for Breakfast?

G'day everyone.

I know curry isn't exactly a breakfast food, in fact, I don't even think I could eat it for breakfast, however, during the week I received a curry kit from my good mate, and former guest on the All Day Breakfast, Ranger Nick. I also promised last week on the show that I'd make it, and make it I did, and recorded the process so you could hear how it went on this week's show. I'm pleased to say it's the best curry I've ever made, so I can highly recommend check these kits out at www.rangernick.com.au

Coming Up on Damo's All Day Breakfast


Well after last week's interview with Ranger Nick the camp oven cooking guru, I promised I'd make his chocolate pudding recipe during the week, and make it I did. It turned out so well, that I'd like to share the recipe with you on this week's show.

As always there's a great mix of music and chat, and I always look forward to hearing from you. If you'd like to get in touch during the show, email damo@mushroomfm.com or tweet @damoonair using the #mushroomfm hashtag.

Celebrity Bush Cook Ranger Nick join's me on Damo's All Day Breakfast.


I'm very excited to announce that this week on Damo's All Day Breakfast, I'll be joined by Celebrity Bush Cook Ranger Nick from
Ranger Nick is widely regarded as the Guru of camp oven cooking. He has written three books on the subject, is a regular at many outdoor cooking shows, and is a regular guest on TV and radio here in Australia. He also holds the Guinness World Record for the world's longest damper.


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