The return of Damo's All Day Breakfast for 2022.


Well after a rather long and relaxing summer break, I'm back with Damo's All Day Breakfast for 2022.

this week, in addition to the usual array of Aussie and Kiwi music, I'm reviewing my latest toy. It's a device called a Network Radio, and it's basically the ham radio you have when you haven't got a ham radio, or, for that matter, a ham license. To find out what I'm on about, you'll need to tune in.

I've also got lots of other news to share from our travels over the break and, as always there's plenty of room for your requests, thoughts, and interaction, so why not get in touch by emailing or sending a tweet to @damoonair.

I do hope you'll join me today from 4 PM U.S. Eastern, that's 9 PM U.K. or 7 AM or 8 AM onSaturday morning in Australia, depending on where you are.