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the Christmas Edition of Damo's All Day Breakfast

Coming up on the Christmas Day edition of Damo's All Day Breakfast, I'll fill you in on the results of the Great Christmas Ham Experiment of 2020. I'll also talk you through doing the Christmas turkey Damo style.

Talking Christmas Ham, Talking Christmas Pudding, and maybe even Talking Turkey this week on Damo's All Day Breakfast.

this week, since it's almost Christmas, it's time for me to fire up every cooking appliance I can get my hands on, and start preparing food for our family's Christmas feast.

To that end, this week on the show I thought I'd share with you a few of my favourite Christmas recipies, including Christmas ham, and Christmas pudding.

Horse races, Elections, and Democracy Sausages for breakfast on Damo's all Day Breakfast.

this week on Damo's All Day Breakfast, there's lots to talk about. It's an election weekend in my home state of Queensland so we'll talk accessible voting, and the slightly odd practice in Australia of the Democracy Sausage.
We'll also talk about the Melbourne cup, which is widely regarded as the race that stops the nation. There's another in our series of aussie cover versions, and the usual mix of great music and friendly chat.

Just a quick reminder to join me for Damo's All Day Breakfast

Since a lot of parts of the world are weither finishing or starting daylight saving around this time, and a few listeners have expressed confusion regarding when to listen, I just wanted to remind you to join me at 4 PM U.S. eastern for your weekly quota of Aussie and Kiwi music, comedy, and friendly chat. This week has been a fairly busy one for me, so I haven't been able to get outdoors and cook up anything new, but there's lots to tell you about including cycling disasters, building projects, and new tech that I'm playing with, so I do hope you'll join me.

Greg's Roast Beef this week on Damo's All Day Breakfast.

So Who is Greg, and what’s so special about his roast beef? You’re probably asking?

Well Greg is my Brother-in-Law from Rockhampton, and while I was up there at a wedding a couple of weeks ago, Greg and I were having a chat about camp oven cooking. We swapped a few recipes, and Greg gave me this one, which was his method of cooking roast beef.

Curry for Covid with Ranger Nick on Damo's All Day Breakfast


Coming up on Damo's All Day Breakfast, I welcome my old mate Ranger Nick back to the show. Ranger Nick is widely regarded in Australia as the guru of camp oven cooking. He's a bush cook, entertainer, educator and poet, and many regular listeners to the show enjoyed our last interview. this week, Nick is here to tell us about his Curry For Covid promotion, which is designed to get dads cooking with their kids for Father's day, which falls next weekend in Australia and New Zealand.

As always there'll also be the usual mix of great music and friendly chat.

We're talking Bioptic Driving this week on Damo's All Day Breakfast

this week on Damo's All Day Breakfast, in addition to the great selection of Aussie and Kiwi music, I'm joined by Belinda O'Connor, the founder of Bioptic Driving Australia.
We'll chat with Belinda about the process and the journey to getting her driver's license as a person born with low vision. We'll also talk about some of the barriers she's had to overcome along the way, and we'll find out about Bioptic Drivers Australia, and it's aimes and objectives.

this Week's All Day Breakfast.

Hi Everyone.

Just a quick reminder to join me for your weekly fix of Aussie and Kiwi music and friendly chat today (Friday) from 4 PM U.S. eastern, 9 PM in the UK, and 6 AM Saturday in eastern Australia. I also have some exciting news re a special guest on next week's show, and I'll fill you in on my latest attempt at home automation.

To get in touch during the show, email damo@mushroomfm.com or tweet @damoonair using the #mushroomfm hashtag.

What do Amateur Radio and Peanuts have in common?

G'day everyone.

This week on Damo's all day breakfast I'll be demonstrating Peanut, but not the salted variety, or peanuts in their shells. After all, who needs or wants a demo of either of those.
Peanut is an Amateur Radio app which runs on an Android or Windows device, and allows you to access a number of digital Ham Radio services without a radio. what makes this demo slightly unique, is that I'll be demonstrating using a BrailleSense Polaris note-taker. I may even enter, all be it briefly, into the great note-taker vs Braille display debate.


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