On the Smorgasbord, we pay tribute to Fats Domino, and there's tech news you can use

It’s Jonathan Mosen, back on Mushroom FM for Thursday’s edition of the Smorgasbord at 3 AM and PM Easter US time, that’s 8 AM and PM in the UK.

Today, I’ll get a couple of Fats Domino tracks into the playlist, paying tribute to this musical icon who died on Wednesday.

In tech news, we learn about how Amazon wants to let itself into your house to deliver stuff. There’s a new Android developer preview, and on the eve of iPhone X pre-orders, has Apple relaxed face ID security in the interest of getting more units out? Spoiler alert, they say they haven’t, despite reports.

It's Thankful Thursday with a Listener-inspired Playlist Tomorrow on The Sara Hillis Show!

"Wow!" you're saing. "That Sara is really on the ball today with her blog entry!" The truth is that if it weren't for a listener's lovely email, I wouldn't have had nearly as much to write about for tomorrow's show. However, Elizabeth emailed me with a tale of woe. She has been longing to hear some songs by Beth Nielsen Chapman, and she can't find her anywhere on iTunes in her region. So, we're going to devote part of our Thursday on The Sara Hillis Show to this amazing singer-songwriter.

We're Waffling on a Wednesday on The Sara Hillis Show!

I don't know if I'm as much of a waffling champion as our own Bonnie Mosen, but I think I'll give her a pretty good run for her money on today's Sara Hillis Show. We discuss right weather versus wrong weather, (please note that this has nothing to do with whether it's nice or nasty weather,) soap opera pets, flu vaccines, and of course my theory that I have which is mine that the Mushroom Pot computer wil one day simply take over the world! We also have quite a few longer songs in the playlist for some reason.

Summary of October 21 Show

Well, it was a pretty exciting show, broadcast on Saturday, October 21. SnowWhiteFM is broadcast live on Saturday evening.
This week, there was a significant thunderstorm during the show, which resulted in some significant disruptions, and even a very near miss lightning strike. Listen to the rain outside the Snowman's studio, as he welcomes the storm, and wrecklessly continues doing the broadcast, even as the electrical storm rages. It is boldness beyond belief, and more than a little dangerous.

On Wednesday's Smorgasbord, Facebook fools with the feed, and much more

Join Jonathan and a global audience of people who love a daily dose of tech news, great conversation and groovy music, because that’s what we do every week day at 3 AM and PM Eastern on Mushroom FM’s Smorgasbord. You should know that this show was recently awarded the prestigious Smorgasbord award by the Mushroom FM Board of Directors, for being the only show on Mushroom FM called the Smorgasbord.

On Wednesday’s edition, what’s Facebook up to now? They’ve been conducting news feed experiments in six countries, and business owners in particular are disgruntled.

It's Tuesday on The Sara Hillis Show!

Yes, I know I'm stating the obvious, but there's nothing obvious about what's coming up on The Sara Hillis Show! We've got Ding-A-lings and Steely Dan, Frank Sinatra and Olivia Newton-Jan--er--John. we've got a lot of great music is what I mean to say, and of course my patented brand of crazy musings to go along with them. I even delve into my misspent youth in response to a Brian adams song! So, hang out with me if you're feeling brave or foolish or both. Today at 12:00 PM Eastern or tomorrow at 12:00 aM Eastern! Whatever time you choose, I know you'll have fun.

On Tuesday's Smorgasbord, moaning in the air, a phone with that burnin feeling and more

Hard to believe it’s time to tell you about Tuesday’s edition of the Smorgasbord on Mushroom FM, the show with a healthy dose of tech news, conversation and awesome music.

Today, an extraordinary story about a flight crew on a long international flight who came up with one of the most bizarre ways to pass the time you have ever heard.

If you’re in the US, there’s a way to get a new Apple Watch for next to nothing if you’re prepared to put the work in.

Does the new Google Pixel phone have a big problem with its screen?

An important, difficult conversation on A Cuppa at the Mosens

Normally, we don’t preview what’s coming up on A Cuppa at the Mosens, Mushroom FM’s global call-in show, quite this early in the week. But the conversation we’d like to have this week is so important, yet so difficult, we want to give you plenty of notice.

We’ve been moved and inspired by the Me Too social media hashtag, which has shed light on how widespread sexual abuse and harassment is in our society.

It's Another Monday on The Sara Hillis Show!

I know you've missed it over the weekend, the random musings and rockin' music that is The Sara Hillis Show. Well, the good news is that it's back for another five days of fun! The bad news is that it's back for another five days of fun!

On Monday's Smorgasbord, from boom to blast, more on the Creators Update, and paying it back

Join me, Jonathan Mosen, at either 3 AM or 3 Pm Eastern time for another great mix of tech news, fun conversation, and some of the best music ever made. That’s how we roll on the Smorgasbord.

On Monday’s edition, if you’ve heard a UE Boom or Megaboom, you’ll know they sound really epic for a portable, battery-operated speaker. What could UE possibly do to improve on it? I have the answer, and you may find it rather attractive.

I’ll talk more about what to do if you’re sure you love your Windows 10 Fall Creators Update, and what action you can take if you don’t.


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