Unfortunately, TuneIn has messed up access to the Mushroom FM stream

This week, behind the scenes, Mushroom FM has been changing streaming servers, a little bit like the old days of changing frequencies on the radio dial. On the rare occasions we must do this, we do all we can to make this seamless for you, so you can just keep on listening.

For that to be the case, we rely on the radio directories that these days serve as the interface between the devices many people use and service providers like us.

Unfortunately, TuneIn has misdirected our Mushroom Fm entry on their service to point to Mushroom Escape. We have alerted them to the error, but we have no control over how quickly it is fixed.

We apologise for the inconvenience. In the meantime, remember that you can listen via our own Alexa skill and Google action, via MyTunerRadio, on our accessible online player and many other ways. This issue only affects TuneIn.
As soon as we know this problem to be fixed, we will post again.