important: if you listen to Mushroom FM with a stand-alone player, please update your links now to avoid loss of service

Over the last week, Mushroom Fm and Mushroom Escape have been migrating to a newer server to restore our Alexa skills and improve reliability even further.

Most people won’t have to do a thing. If you listen via the online player on our website, the official Mushroom Fm Alexa skill, the official Mushroom FM Google Action, TuneIn, Apple Music, Sonos Radio, MyTunerRadio, Ootunes/Victor Reader Stream, TapinRadio, Leasy Radio and Radio Browser, we can confirm that the change has happened automatically for you and you can just keep listening. We have also updated the meta data files on for stand-alone players.

You will know if you are listening on the new server because, temporarily while we are making these changes, the streams are preceded by an identification. This is a short Mushroom FM jingle in the case of Mushroom FM, and a short spoken ID in the case of Mushroom Escape. We have inserted these identifications to verify cut-over to the new streams and they will be removed shortly.

If you are making use of another radio directory and you are not hearing these short station identifications before the stream starts to play, please contact Jonathan at and we’ll do what we can to get the directory entries updated.

If you listen on your computer with a stand-alone player like VLC Media Player, Foobar 2000 or even good old Winamp, and you have bookmarked the stream in some way that is local to you, you will need to update the URLs you use to access the streams.
The easiest way to do this is to download the updated PLS files. You will find Mushroom FM’s at:
And Mushroom Escape’s at

If you would prefer to enter the stream locations directly using the URL field of your stand-alone player, Mushroom FM’s is:
And Mushroom Escape’s is:

Thank you for listening. Please make these changes, if necessary, so you can continue to listen, as the old streams will be decommissioned by the end of the week.