It's Canada Day, Up Canada Way, this Week on Come by the Hills--Eh?

Hey there! Sara Hillis here to announce the annual Come by the Hills Canada Day extravaganza! It may be coming a day late, but it will not be a loony short, especially with me as the host. We'll have three hours of Canada-themed songs, songs by Canadian artists, and even a few of the "Canada Vignettes" produced by our National Film Board (yes, the other NFB) which were a staple of my childhood TV experience. Oh, and don't worry. There will be some stan Rogers! There's always room for Stan! So come celebrate Canada Day in song and story, this week on Come by the Hills!

Catch Come by the Hills live on Saturday at 2:00 PM Eastern, or check out the replay on Tuesday at 5:00 AM Eastern. However and whenever you listen, enjoy, and happy Canada Day, eh?