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Let's Settle It on the Air

Each year in northern Europe 6 nations get together in the spirit of sporting friendship and proceed to knock seven bells out of each other over the course of several weekends. The sport in question is the noble game of rugby union and let’s face it nobody including the referee actually understands the rules - I’m sure they just make it up as they’re going along!!!

One half of Waves Over the Sea goes all Romantic

The Irish are well known for their passionate nature. This was easily demonstrated last Saturday by my co-host Sabrina when she lost all control, after some Irish boy kicked an oval shaped object over a bar in Paris. Heavens above you’ve never heard such screams, shouts and yelling! Lord help us if they go on to do the Grand Slam!

Are you sitting comfortably?

Would you like to hear a story?

Are you sitting comfortably?

Then I’ll begin.

Once upon a time there was a little Irish girl who spent all her days chasing leprechauns. But wanting to do so much more.

Then one day she discovered she had the voice of an Angel and a real gift to entertain.

So she chased that dream all the way to mushroomFM.

Meanwhile at around the same time in Scotland only a few years, well decades earlier, a little boy grew up and all he did all day was to chase haggis.

But he too had dreams.

I'm so Excited - just 5 more sleeps to go!!!

I tell you folks this is just such an exciting time of the year and it's especially so with all the excitement around this weekend.

No, no - I'm not getting one of these new exciting black or extra black iPhones or anything like that - but if you are then what a weekend you're going to have.

No my excitement is that MushroomStock 2016 is just 5 days away and it's going to be our best yet!!!

Surely this can't happen?

Please find below a statement from the artist formally known as John Glass.

"It's been a while!!

Nearly 3 years to be exact.

Many said it would never happen.
Many indeed said it shouldn't have been allowed to go on for so long, in the first place.
Many most likely even prayed it could never happen again

But the dreaded day is almost upon you.
Wheels have been put into motion which will lead to a chain of events.
Events that simply cannot now be stopped.

What's coming up in the Living Years this week?


I would love it if you could join me each weekday at 6 pm Eastern, that's 11 pm in the UK for two hours where we get to play some of the best music that was ever made from the 1970's and 1980's.

Along with the choice cuts of tunes we've got our great range of birthdays and anniversaries all designed to help you remember those great days when the music lived.

As usual we've got our two featured albums with both of them seeing the first steps in a change in direction for the groups - was it a good thing - you can decide for yourself.

What's on The Living Years this week?

The Living Years is MushroomFM's new daily show featuring the great music from the 1970s and 1980s presented by myself Gordon Luke.

Each day we look back at the events from the musical history and celebrate the birthdays of people from the music industry.

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