What's on The Living Years this week?

The Living Years is MushroomFM's new daily show featuring the great music from the 1970s and 1980s presented by myself Gordon Luke.

Each day we look back at the events from the musical history and celebrate the birthdays of people from the music industry.

We also feature a couple of featured albums and this week we feature one selected by a listener from 1988 and another from 1979 from one of Jonathan's heros of the 1970s Gerry Rafferty!!! (And any of you who know Jonathan will know just how big a risk I've just taken with that last line!!!) Well I'm hoping to show Jonathan and anyone else who doubts that Gerry was far bigger than Baker Street.

I also play you a live track every day and this week we're looking at tracks to do with school as many kids return after their summer holidays.

All this and so much more crammed into a packed two hours starting at 6 pm Eastern (that's 11 pm in the UK) straight after Steve and before the birthday girl herself.

I'd love to have your company and to hear from you either via e-mail or using the MushroomFM hash tag.