One half of Waves Over the Sea goes all Romantic

The Irish are well known for their passionate nature. This was easily demonstrated last Saturday by my co-host Sabrina when she lost all control, after some Irish boy kicked an oval shaped object over a bar in Paris. Heavens above you’ve never heard such screams, shouts and yelling! Lord help us if they go on to do the Grand Slam!

Now like most Scottish people at that time I was still hiding behind my sofa wondering if it was safe again to come out or if some red shirted Welsh giants brandishing leeks would still be there putting fright into a nation. Let’s face it – Saturday didn’t happen in Scotland – did it?

So when this very passionate Irish woman whispered in my ear and suggested, we do our show this Friday at 4 pm Eastern (that’s 9 pm in Dublin and Edinburgh) with a sultry valentines theme you can only imagine my horror. You see I’m Scottish – we don’t do romance – no – not at all!

Now let me let you into a wee secret friends. Each week Sabrina chooses one half of the playlist and I the other. And this week Sabrina had chosen hers very, very early. Her line of I’ll show you mine if you show me yours is causing me some consternation friends as I’m not convinced mine is all that impressive yet. Let’s face it I need a helping hand or two to bolster things up. And yes, I need to choose some big ones – in that way Sabrina may not get to her sports report for the week which from a Scottish point of view could be a bit painful. Sabrina also likes to include some Irish tunes in her half and I some Scottish, but due to this Scottish lack of romance – I was in big trouble.

Then it came to me friends – in a blinding flash of inspiration – you could help me. You guys know your music – and I bet even a few of you have some romantic bones in your bodies. So please send in your requests and I’ll try my best to get them on for you. You can e-mail or tweet me @gordonluke. Of course you may not trust me with those romantic dreams of yours so you may prefer to contact Sabrina. You can do that either by e-mailing or tweeting @sab_mc.

If you’ve got any wee romantic stories you wish to share with us that will be fine too -Sabrina will be gentle with you. Let us know why a particular tune means something to you. And hey it doesn’t need to be all “yucky puki” – in fact the less it is the more I’ll be able to understand it!

Don’t also forget that our show is replayed each Sunday at 1 am Eastern (that’s 6 am in Dublin and Edinburgh) which may work better for you southern based listeners. We’d love to hear from you two especially with your ideas of a cosy romantic evening round the barbie!

So until Friday or Sunday friends take good care of each other and please get requesting. But do try to keep your hands to yourself until then.

We’ll be looking for you!