Are you sitting comfortably?

Would you like to hear a story?

Are you sitting comfortably?

Then I’ll begin.

Once upon a time there was a little Irish girl who spent all her days chasing leprechauns. But wanting to do so much more.

Then one day she discovered she had the voice of an Angel and a real gift to entertain.

So she chased that dream all the way to mushroomFM.

Meanwhile at around the same time in Scotland only a few years, well decades earlier, a little boy grew up and all he did all day was to chase haggis.

But he too had dreams.

Yes he too could sing like an Angel and did so with his version of Wee Willy Winkie that shook the music industry to its core.

Never had anyone heard a voice quite like this and prayed they never would again.

Unfettered the little boy still had that dream to entertain and so he too followed the path to mushroomFM where all dreams come true.

Auditions were done and lucrative contract signed in order to get these two together.

But there was only one proviso - they had to be kept apart by the waves of the sea. More accurately the Irish Sea, as they simply could not both be let lose together in the same studio.

So there you have it, the only way Sabrina and Gordon are allowed to do this show is by Waves Over the Sea!!!

So do you believe in fairy tales? Well tune in to MushroomFM this Friday at 4 pm Eastern (that’s 9 pm in Dublin and Edinburgh) and see for yourself.

Sabrina and Gordon would love to share their fairy tale with you and you can do this by either making a request or just saying hello. You can either tweet @sab_mc for Sabrina or @gordonluke for Gordon. If you’re more of an e-mail person, or just like longer messages, either e-mail or

So keep dreaming your own fairy tales until Friday, just after your daily dose of Fibre with Jonathan. Then we can see if this is a trick or a treat.

We’ll be looking for you!!!