I'm so Excited - just 5 more sleeps to go!!!

I tell you folks this is just such an exciting time of the year and it's especially so with all the excitement around this weekend.

No, no - I'm not getting one of these new exciting black or extra black iPhones or anything like that - but if you are then what a weekend you're going to have.

No my excitement is that MushroomStock 2016 is just 5 days away and it's going to be our best yet!!!

I hope you've got your tickets? If not drop everything and head straight over to http://www.mushroomfm.com/MushroomStock2016 and grab your seat now. You've got no time to lose.

And what's more to celebrate this on the Living Years this week not only is our live segment looking back to MushroomStock pasts with archive footage from MushroomStock 1 and 2 but our two featured albums come from groups who were the big hits previously at Fungus Field.

Who are these groups I hear you ask - well you'll need to tune in at 6 pm Eastern (that's 11 pm UK) to find out for yourselves.

As always on the Living Years we'll be looking back to the events in the 1970's and 1980's that made the headlines each day plus those celebrating their birthdays each day. To get involved either tweet me @gordonluke or e-mail Gordon@mushroomfm.com.

Right I'm away to pour a bucket of ice cold water over myself in order to stay calm. Goodness only knows what state I'll be in come Saturday!!!