Let's Settle It on the Air

Each year in northern Europe 6 nations get together in the spirit of sporting friendship and proceed to knock seven bells out of each other over the course of several weekends. The sport in question is the noble game of rugby union and let’s face it nobody including the referee actually understands the rules - I’m sure they just make it up as they’re going along!!!

This weekend sees two normally friendly nations going head to head when 15 small plucky Scottish bravehearts travel to Ireland to take on 15 Irish muscle bound giants. On paper there can only be one winner but luckily this game is played on grass, not paper and therefore anything can happen.

To try and simulate the emotions of this forthcoming encounter Waves Over the Sea this Friday at 4 pm Eastern (that’s 9 pm in Dublin and Edinburgh), repeated on Sunday at 1 am Eastern (that’s 6 am in Dublin) will attempt to stage it’s own battle. There will be no strangely shaped balls involved in this encounter but instead battle will be done over the rich musical heritage of the two nations.

After weeks of tense international negotiations a small selection of categories has been agreed. These categories, in no particular order, are:

  • Male artist
  • Female artist
  • Group
  • Hit song
  • Love song (no prizes for guessing who insisted on that one!)
  • Rock Classic
  • Comedy song
  • Folk song

Each nation will choose one protagonist per category and the two will go head to head.

And where do you come in I hear you cry!

Well in two ways. Firstly as Sabrina and myself don’t always pick the artist or tune in each category that you may wish for then you might like to come in with your own suggestions. Please can you do this well in advance of the show to avoid disappointment. Be careful though as some artists or songs could appear in multiple categories and the only rule we were able to agree on was that they just appear once.

The second way is during the show. We won’t be taking any requests during the show this week as we want you to be fully concentrating on the music as you're the referees and award the points for each side. Is it the Irish or Scottish entry you think is the better entry in each category? You will decide the outcome of this heavy weight encounter. And of course - the referees decision is always final and right in rugby!!!

So please help us out. You can do so by either e-mailing Sabrina@mushroomfm.com or Gordon@mushroomFM.com. If you prefer Twitter then get tweeting @sab_mc or @gordonluke.

If you fear a lack of rugby knowledge may exclude you from this show I can assure you that nothing can be farther from the truth. You see my knowledge of rugby can be written in braille on the back of a postage stamp! This Friday is all about fun and friendship, the enjoyment of fantastic music and of course a wee bit of friendly banter! To engage in that friendly banter during the show just use the MushroomFM hashtag on twitter ad let your passions out!

So until Friday friends, when the anthems make the hairs stand up on the back of your necks, look after yourselves and remember - who wins - only you can decide!!!

Be looking for you!