Surely this can't happen?

Please find below a statement from the artist formally known as John Glass.

"It's been a while!!

Nearly 3 years to be exact.

Many said it would never happen.
Many indeed said it shouldn't have been allowed to go on for so long, in the first place.
Many most likely even prayed it could never happen again

But the dreaded day is almost upon you.
Wheels have been put into motion which will lead to a chain of events.
Events that simply cannot now be stopped.

Time simply is no longer on your side, so all we can say is.
Brace yourselves!!!!

For one week only it could get extremely chaotic once again on, Thursday at 2 pm Eastern, 7 pm in the UK.

Live Through The Luking Glass, is about to rise from the ashes, and with it most likely that blood curdling screech.

The screech that can set off all the dogs in the neighbourhood.


Yes Gordon is back and it gets worse!

So am I!!

So what have we got planned?
Perhaps some decade show or some tricky theme for you to get your teeth into?

No, absolutely nothing like that!!
It's the show that perhaps we ought to have done a long, long time ago in a galaxy far far away. (Sorry my mind strayed a little there - it's an age thing!!)

In fact the theme is so contravercial that neither of us has any idea of what the other thinks it is! (Yes Gordon is getting old too and can't understand my e-mails!!!)

All I can tell you is that we'll be playing two hours of fabulous live tracks by artists that mean something to either the show or to our own musical education and hopefully to you.

LTLG is nothing without you guys tuning in so please let us know you're listening. You can either tweet @johnaglass65 or @gordonluke using the #MushroomFM hashtag or simply e-mail

We both look forward to this wee trip down memory lane.


P.S. That is of course if Mr Glass remembers where the studio is!!!