Sunday's nearly here, so there's plenty of great kids' songs and stories on Small World, only on Mushroom Escape

It’s Jonathan Mosen back with another edition of Small World, the kids’ programme for the whole family. This week, depending on where you live in this small world of ours, there is one very important thing you might need to know. In New Zealand, and possibly some other countries in this part of the world, the clocks are springing forward. That means that for those whose clocks are going ahead by an hour, the show will start one hour later than before. Never fear, you can always check the Mushroom Escape schedule to find out when it’s on where you are, and you still have six chances to hear it.

Danny Kay is an all-time Small World favourite, so he puts in a return appearance on this week’s show.

Uncle Jack has a wonderful story to tell us if we’ll only shut up and let him get on with it.

Have you ever wondered how the Lone Ranger met Silver? I know I have! Well he’s going to tell us the tory this week…That’s the Lone Ranger telling the story, not Silver. We did ask Silver to begin with, but it turns out he’s a bit of a nay sayer.

The King of the elephants is here, and we’ve even got a couple of elephant songs to make him feel right at home. Hopefully he’ll never forget.

Kanga and roo, and Pooh are here too.

There’s another thrilling Superman adventure.

Ooh scary! It’s the baddest witch in all the world! We’ll teach you how to talk inflationary language, and even meet three cute little kittens.

There’s fun to be had for kids young and old, so do join me, Jonathan Mosen, on Mushroom Escape this and every Sunday at 12, 4 and 8 AM and PM Eastern time. Yes, you have six chances to hear it. You can ask your smart thing to play Mushroom Escape, find us in all your radio apps, or listen on the website at, where you’ll see the schedule in your time zone, so you know when things are on where you are. Why not tell all the kids in your life, both young and young at heart?

See you soon for Small World.