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All About Angels on The Song Remembers When

I had no idea how many "angel" songs I would need to choose from when I came up with this week's theme! It took a while, but I'm excited to bring you an eclectic mix of music from country, to instrumental, to "oldies" to "monster ballads" and everything in between! I also play a song to celebrate our daughter, Elizabeth, who turned 11 this weekend! I hope you can join me Sunday from 4-6 pm eastern in the US, or catch the replay Thursday from 5-7 am. Next week we will be celebrating Pride Month by featuring musicians from the LBGTQ+ community.

Summer Means Weddings On The Song Remembers When

This weekend is the unofficial start of summer in the US. In honor of this, and also because my husband and I, and my sister and brother-in-law had anniversaries in May, and my brother and sister-in-law have their 30th anniversary in mid June, I play songs you hear at weddings. You will hear the four songs Mark and I had at our own wedding, along with listener requests, and the one song I believe should never be played at a wedding or wedding dance because, though its title sounds wedding-like, the lyrics certainly are not! Next week we will hear songs with the word "angel" in them.

The Senses on The Song Remembers When

This week, on The Song Remembers When, we pay tribute to all five senses. This was a theme suggested by my mother-in-law, and I'd love to hear other theme suggestions from you, the listener! Some of the sense words are hidden in the songs I picked; see if you can find all of them! Next week, in honor of our 21st wedding anniversary, I will be playing songs you might hear at a wedding. I'll play the songs Mark and I chose for our wedding, along with other wedding favorites. If you have songs you'd like to request, please get in touch with me!

The Song Remembers When Celebrates Two Mothers

I had a wonderful time creating the playlists and recording The Song Remembers When this week, as I celebrate my mom, Judy, and my wonderful mother-in-law, Karen. We will hear songs from the sixties my mom introduced me to, Beatle and Paul McCartney songs to honor my mother-in-law's love for Sir Paul, and even a small tribute to the second person to make me a mom, our daughter, Oriana, who was born 13 years ago on May 15. You'll also hear some great comedy clips and songs, along with a small tribute to mothers who are no longer with us, or anyone searching for answers in their lives.

The Song Remembers When Honors Friends

No, not Friends, the American TV show! Friends, as in actual living, breathing people who love and support us through our lives. You will hear more than a few sappy songs, but I think it's impossible to talk about friends without getting at least a little sappy. You will also hear the first (and probably one of the only) rap songs I'll play on this show, along with an adorable clip of John and Sean Lennon talking about "A Little Help From My Friends." I'll also share thoughts about Mental Health Awareness Month--a topic very dear to my heart.

We're Traveling on The Song Remembers When

Join The Song Remembers When this Sunday at 4 pm Eastern to take a trip without leaving your living room... Or, perhaps take us on the road with you to keep you company on your travels! This week I feature songs about travel and how it changes us, and also about modes of transportation. You'll hear songs about trains, jet planes, cars, and buses, and perhaps even one about a yellow submarine (though it might not be the version you'd expect!) If you are traveling on Sunday, do not fear. You can catch The Song Remembers When on Thursday at 5 am Eastern.

Cover Songs This Week On The Song Remembers When

That's right, it's time for great (or maybe not so great) cover songs. Join me Sunday from 4-6 to hear a variety of covers and interesting factoids about the covers, the Baseball Segment, and the song I believe is the worst cover ever recorded. Also, I was so enthralled with the music this week I forgot to mention next weeks theme. Since my husband and I will be traveling to Minnesota to attend his aunt and uncle's 51st anniversary party, (congratulations to them!) I will be playing songs all about traveling, and various modes of transportation on next week's show.

Fifties, Sixties, and Seventies on The Song Remembers When

Join me this Sunday from 4-6 Eastern for music and memories from the fifties, sixties, and seventies. Hear a couple songs my chorus sang when I was in middle school, a description of an "audio movie" I created as a teenager, news from the Orioles, Brewers, and Rays in the baseball segment, and, of course, some requests and other memories. Next week we will be exploring great, (or maybe, in some cases, not so great) cover songs. Please be in touch with songs I can play for you, and your stories about why these songs have a special place in your heart.

An Easter Themed Song Remembers When

Since The Song Remembers When will air on Easter Sunday from 4-6 pm eastern, I thought an Easter themed show would be appropriate. I hope you'll join me for music that brings back Easter memories, even if most of the songs have nothing to do with Easter whatsoever to most people but me! Also, listen back to a classic Easter Sunday baseball moment from the Milwaukee Brewers in the new baseball segment. Do you have a favorite baseball team? Want to engage in some good natured smack talk? Bring it on!

Requests for The Song Remembers When

Thank you to everyone who was able to tune in to The Song Remembers When last Sunday! I appreciate hearing from you; creating this show is super fun for me, but it is truly all about the listeners. I want to help put smiles on faces and bring back memories. I love the interactions I receive. Please keep them coming my way! Incidentally, if you missed the show the first time, it will be replayed this Thursday from 5-7 am Eastern. I believe this is slightly better timing for many of you in other parts of the world! The theme for this week's show is music from movies.


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