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Songs that Make Me Smile on The Song Remembers When

Thanks so much to Caroline for taking over for me last week. It was wonderful to know the show was in good hands while I was in Wisconsin attending the funeral for my father-in-law, and spending time with family. I'm back this week however, and, due to the state of the world internationally and nationally, and the fact that I have two relatives who are critically ill in my own family, I decided it would be nice to play songs that make me smile.

So Many Unanswered Questions on The Song Remembers When

Have you ever wondered who wrote the book of love, where do broken hearts go, if this is love, or just wh? Then you will enjoy hearing all of these questions asked musically on The Song Remembers When. Tune in at 4 pm Eastern this Sunday, March 3, (and, seriously, my question is how on Earth is it March already?) I will bring you songs that ask questions in their titles. I'm sure I will play songs that bring back memories for you, and possibly a few songs you've never heard before. Can't join me on Sunday? No problem!

1989 on The Song Remembers When

No, it's not the Taylor Swift album... It's music from the year 1989. Where were you in 1989? I was in fourth and fifth grade, and loving the music I heard on my boombox! Join me on Sunday from 4-6 pm Eastern, or Thursday from 5-7 am Eastern to hear love songs from Bad English, Poison, and The Bangles (among others), the three most poignant songs of 1989 (in my opinion at least) and even two songs from those not-yet-disgraced musicians, Milli Vanilli.

Holiday Music and a Theme Song Surprise on The Song Remembers Wehn

Once again, I recorded The Song Remembers When much later than I wanted to. This worked out fine however, because it gave my husband, Mark, a chance to play with Suno AI and write a theme song for the show! If you tune in, you'll be able to hear this theme for the first time, and provide your comments. What do you think of it? Catchy? Fun? Horrible? An ear worm? You decide! or I look forward to hearing your reactions.

Don't Forget to Vote in the Holiday Count Down, and Holiday Music Requests

Yes, it's been WAY too long since I've blogged about The Song Remembers When! So here I am with a reminder about how to participate in an upcoming event, which I'm sure you've been hearing about for the past few weeks, along with information about my next two shows.
First, if you have not already, do not forget to submit your votes for your top ten favorite songs for the Mushroom FM holiday countdown. Voting is truly quick and easy. Visit

'Say What?!" on The Song Remembers When

For this week's show, I need your help! The theme is "Say What?!" That means I'm going to feature songs you, or someone you know, misunderstood in some way. It could be a misunderstanding of the lyrics, but it could also be a complete misunderstanding of the message of the song itself. If you have a song that fits this theme, please let me know as soon as possible. You can email me
or toot me on Mastodon

Happy Birthday Nana on The Song Remembers When

On September 18, it's not just the birthday of Frankie Avalon. It's also the birthday of our mother/mother-in-law/Nana, Karen Riccobono! In honor of her birthday, per my husband, Mark's request, the entire show this week is dedicated to Karen. We'll hear a variety of music both sentimental and humorous by such artists as The Carpenters, John Denver, Barbra Streisand, Roger Miller, and, of course, Sir Paul McCartney and The beatles.

Songs with Nonsense Words on The Song Remembers When

They just don't make 'em like they used to! You know the songs I'm talking about--those songs with nonsense words that are used in the refrain, or to help create the rhythm of the song, or as sound effects to enhance the topic being sung about. These are the songs on the playlist for The Song Remembers When this Sunday from 4-6 pm Eastern, or Thursday from 5-7 am Eastern. For the most part, these songs are cheery and should put you in a great mood, while bringing back memories of days gone by.

Relationships On The Song Remembers When

Yes, I'm still very much alive, and have been bringing The Song Remembers When to all of you for the past few weeks. What I have not been doing, obviously, is creating blog entries for these past shows. I have no excuse, really, aside from the fact it has been a very busy summer in the Riccobono house, and, unfortunately, we're already beginning to prepare for the first day of school! But, I made time this evening to write to say the topic for The Song Remembers When this week is relationships. I was thinking of doing a show only about break ups, but that seemed a little boring.

It's a Rock and Roll Themed Song Remembers When!

I know I say this all the time, but I had so much fun creating the playlist for this week's show! Being a presenter on Mushroom FM is truly the best job in the world! What can be better than playing so many of my favorite songs and telling stories? As you may have guessed, this week I feature many songs with rock and roll in their title, or in their lyrics. I do provide plenty of variety however, by also including songs about musicians' lives on the road, hilarious songs about making music by Tod Schneider and weird Al, and even songs by three different TV show groups.


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