Songs that Make Me Smile on The Song Remembers When

Thanks so much to Caroline for taking over for me last week. It was wonderful to know the show was in good hands while I was in Wisconsin attending the funeral for my father-in-law, and spending time with family. I'm back this week however, and, due to the state of the world internationally and nationally, and the fact that I have two relatives who are critically ill in my own family, I decided it would be nice to play songs that make me smile. I hope these songs bring a smile to your face as well, and you allow this music to take you away from any worries you have, just for a little while. As always, there are stories to go with the songs, such as my mom's crush on an older man, and my own crush on my fifth grade teacher.
Speaking of crushes... I'm planning a show all about crushes, and the songs that make us think of our crushes. Who were your crushes? Did you swoon over a celebrity or two? Did you have posters of these famous people in your bedroom or school locker? Was there a girl in your class who made you weak in the knees? Is there that one crush who got away? Did your crush become your boyfriend, girlfriend, or something more? Please tell me your crush stories, both funny and touching, and let me know about the songs that remind you of those crushes. You can reach me using, or If you want, record your story, and I might just use it on the air.
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I hope you enjoy the show this week, and I can't wait to hear all about your past and current crushes!