Happy Birthday Nana on The Song Remembers When

On September 18, it's not just the birthday of Frankie Avalon. It's also the birthday of our mother/mother-in-law/Nana, Karen Riccobono! In honor of her birthday, per my husband, Mark's request, the entire show this week is dedicated to Karen. We'll hear a variety of music both sentimental and humorous by such artists as The Carpenters, John Denver, Barbra Streisand, Roger Miller, and, of course, Sir Paul McCartney and The beatles.
We will also hear an interview with our daughter, Oriana, about her upcoming trip to Vietnam, Cambodia, and Thailand. Patterson Park Public Charter School is asking for donations to their Trip Abroad fund, in order to give students from Baltimore the chance to travel to far away places. No donation is too small! If you'd like to donate, please visit
We will have a travel theme on next week's show, and hear from more people who make this trip possible, and, I hope, some young people who have gotten the chance to travel with this program. We will feature songs they play on trips of all kinds, but also songs which have to do with travel in general. If you have any travel songs to request, or even songs that remind you of trips gone by, please let me know. Melissa@mushroomfm.com or @Melissa@social.Mushroomfm.com.
I hope you will be able to listen to The Song Remembers When today from 4-6 pm Eastern, or its replay Thursday, September 21, from 5-7 am Eastern. As always, listen on http://www.mushroomfm.com, on a radio app on your phone, or by asking Alexa to play Mushroom FM.