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This week on the Mosen Explosion, let the voting begin!

We have an utterly packed, news-filled, music-laden Mosen Explosion for you this week and I can’t wait.

Most important, I’ll be unlocking the accessible virtual voting booth for Mushroom FM’s much-loved top 100 holiday countdown. I’ll explain how you can have your say. Will you be the first person to cast a vote in this year’s event. If you’re on the ball, and tuned in, it just might be you.

Join us in conversation with technology podcaster and gadget master, David Woodbridge on A Cuppa at the Mosens

A Cuppa At The Mosens is Mushroom FM’s live global blindness call-in show, heard live on Thursday evenings at 7 PM US Eastern time.

This week, join Bonnie and Jonathan as we speak with David Woodbridge. Chances are you’re familiar with David’s voice, as he’s a prolific technology podcaster. We’ll talk with David about his work for Vision Australia and learn about his background. We’ll reminisce about the technology we all once used that has now long gone, and talk about some of the gadgets that have stood out for us in 2017 as we near the year’s end.

This week on The Mosen Explosion, shall we, or shan't we?

Give us chocolate fish at once, after all, how often do you see the word “shan’t” written down these days?

On Sunday at 2 Pm Eastern, 7 PM in the UK, that’s on a Monday morning at 8 AM in New Zealand, The Mosen Explosion is back to bring you a programme of unprecedented goodies.

Not having a Cuppa this week

Hi everyone, you may have noticed that Bonnie and I haven’t been doing our regular week-day shows over the last couple of days. We’re with my family at present as my Mum is seriously ill in the high dependency unit in hospital.

Paying tribute to Rich Cavallaro, @Richcav, on this week's Mosen Explosion

Having taken a much-needed recharge day away from social media, it was only as I sat down to write a post about this week’s Mosen Explosion that I learned of the death of Rich Cavallaro due to complications relating to pneumonia. He was just 28. To say I’m numbed and shocked to the core doesn’t cover it.

The Mosen Explosion proudly cranks it all the way up to 280

Sunday Sunday, can’t fault that day, as the old song says or something. The Mosen Explosion is back with four unique hours of music and conversation.

And now, thanks to the generous engineers at Twitter, if your Twitter client has been updated to support it, you have double the expressiveness in every tweet. Imagine that! Twice the nutrients in every mouth-watering byte! So now you can let your voice be heard even more expressively just by way of a humble tweet! This is progress, but here at The Mosen Explosion, we can’t wait until the Twitter character count is set to 2TB.

Could there possibly be a better day for a Mosen Explosion?

We are exploding you on 5 November, which in some countries is known as Guy Fawkes day. It’s full of gun powder, explosions and frightened guide dogs. So there couldn’t possibly be a better day for a Mosen Explosion. Your guide dog is safe with us, though.

On the show this week, more fun with time. If you’re in my part of the world, the show starts an hour later than before, which means we’re now up to 8 AM NZ time, 6 Am in Australia. It’s still of course at 2 PM Eastern, and back to 7 PM UK.

Scheduling note. Mushroom FM's clocks go back this weekend

It is that time of year again when it is our duty to report more breaks in the fabric of the space/time continuum.

Mushroom FM keeps US Eastern time as its official time zone. Early on Sunday morning, the clocks will go back an hour.

If your clocks go back this weekend too, then everything will be at the same time as always.

If you're in Europe and the UK and your clocks went back last weekend, shows will once again be starting at the same time that you're used to.

No Cuppa this week, and the Smorgasbord for Thursday

First, just to advised that as foreshadowed on last week’s edition of A Cuppa at the Mosens, there is no show this week as I’ll be busy producing the much anticipated and highly epic iPhone X unboxing and set-up podcast for The Blind Side.

I do, however, have a Smorgasbord for you, our daily fusion of the latest tech news and the greatest musical memories.

Reviewers have their hands on the iPhone X, we summarise some of the things they’re saying, as well as tell you about something audibly exclusive that tells the world you have one of these new babies.

Software updates a plenty, and scary warnings. It's Wednesday's smorgasbord

Join me, Jonathan Mosen, at 3 AM and PM Eastern time, for this week that’s 7 AM and PM in the UK, as I bring you the smorgasbord. There’s no other show quite like it, combining the cutting edge of tech news with some of the best retro music ever. Something old, something new.

On the show for Wednesday, the boffins at Apple have been very busy little beavers, with software updates aplenty, I’ll fill you in.

Microsoft’s Surface Pro is getting a feature which, once you have it and use it, I guarantee you’ll never want to be without.


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