The Spiders this week on The Juke In The Back

The Juke In The Back” focuses on the “soul that came before rock n’ roll,” the records that inspired Elvis, Buddy Holly, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones and countless others.

September 23 Show

Last week, we talked a lot, about a topic that we wanted to get out there. But, this week, it's all about the music. Limited jabber, and Lots and lots of great tunes from the 60's and 70's. Put it on and let it play. Saturday night, starting at 8PM eastern.

Did You Miss the Weird Al Special?

Last week, when the Weird Al Special was on, did you miss it? Maybe you'd like to hear it again. Maybe the judge sentenced you to listening to two hours of Bruce Toews presenting a show. Well, whatever the reason, if you'd like to catch the Weird Al special tonight, you are in luck. This week, there will be no Cuppa at the Mosens. I know, I know, many of you probably think that two hours of dead air is vastly preferable to anything I might have to offer, but we at Mushroom Central have decided to rerun the Weird Al special anyway.

The Mushroom Munch goes tropical

Join Jeff Molzow and the Mushroom munch this Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday as he broadcast on location from the gulf coast of Florida. He's setting up the mobile mushroom broadcast facility "Pool Side" and will be trying not to electrocute himself as he sucks up all the frozen beverages and sunshine he can get. On Wednesday, learn all about the adventures of the world's worst super hero, Florida Man. On Thursday, you'll discover how to do Florida on the cheap and not have to fork over all your hard earned cheese to a certain mouse in Orlando.

A Hopefully Brief Hiatus

This is Sara Hillis and I wanted to let you know that I'm taking a week off from Mushroom FM, for sure in terms of The Sara Hillis Show at least. I'll let you know about Come by the Hills as the week progresses. I'll also let you know the reason for the hiatus at a later date, when I can write about it more fittingly and with words worthy of it. Suffice it to say that this week is going to be very difficult and I have been told in no uncertain terms by Jonathan and the team that I can and should take this hiatus.

The Mosen Explosion, not on the TV

It’s the kind of scenario that keeps one awake at night. It’s the kind of nightmare from which you wake up in a cold sweat. “Now just a minute, Jonathan, just a minute! How can it give you a nightmare when it’s kept you awake, eh? How!” “Shut up Jonathan, I’m writing this promo”. “Oh, sorry Jonathan, sorry”.

Variety is the spice of life and that's what you get on The Early Years!

Sunday is a great day for listening to Mushroom FM and I'm proud to be part of the line-up when I bring you The Early Years, following The Mosen Explosion tonight at 6 PM.
Hi, I'm Steve Cutway. Join me for the best music from the first two decades of the rock era, the 50s and 60s, and music from before Rock and Roll became a staple of world music. I have a number of listener suggested and inspired version comparisons and a variety of music that is unmatched anywhere except on Mushroom FM the home of the fun guys.

We're Rocking at the End of Time this Week on Come by the Hills!

Yes, Mushroom FM's premier (well only) Celtic music show is back for another week, and this time we're featuring an entire album throughout the show. I actually ordered this album from the UK and it came in something called an envelope. See, there's this system called the mail or the post, and its job is not just to deliver your latest Amazon purchases. I actually ordered this crazy invention called a compact disk. It's amazing! It's small and round and plays music when you insert it into the appropriate music-playing device!

The Flamingos part 2 this week on The Juke In The Back

The Juke In The Back” focuses on the “soul that came before rock n’ roll,” the records that inspired Elvis, Buddy Holly, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones and countless others.

Economic Independence For The Blind

On the show this week, Saturday September 16, the Snowman is flying solo. And, we'll spend much of the first hour discussing the process of preparing for, finding, and maintaining employment as a blind person. The Snowman, who has had the good fortune of having been able to do that, and stay continuously employed until his voluntary retirement, after over 40 years of work, offers his perspective of some of the pitfalls, and things to be aware of as you attempt to launch your own career. WE face special challenges when attempting to enter the work force. Not all the answers are here.


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