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This week on The Mosen Explosion, what's the best book you've ever read and why?

We’re baaaaaack! Oh yes we are! We’ve survived another week of changing climates, political madness, iOS bugs and in some cases, even soup! Oh my word anything, anything but the soup! But we’ve made it to another Mosen Explosion, live at 2 PM Eastern, 7 PM UK, 6 AM in New Zealand.

We will of course be finding out how you’re getting on with iOS 13, and looking ahead to Amazon’s big announcements in the coming week.

On The Mosen Explosion, superstitions, Apple event recap, and did you order anything? Did I order anything?

We are back yet again for another fun four hours of music and conversation on The Mosen Explosion.

This week, we’re going to talk about superstitions. There is a remarkable number of these, things that apparently bring you bad luck if you do them. I’ll tell you the story that got me thinking about this topic, and I look forward to hearing things that you don’t do because they bring you bad luck, or superstitions you’ve learned about from others.

On The Mosen Explosion, Apple event anticipation, and childhood sayings that annoy or inspire

Once again, tiny techy tots, with their iOS all aglow, will find it hard to sleep. It’s nearly Apple event time, and there may be a few gadgets beyond the expected. I’ll take a look at what might be coming, and I’d love to hear from you about what you’re hoping for.

This week on The Mosen Explosion, what are the news stories you'll never forget?

We’re back live on Mushroom FM this Saturday at 2 Pm Eastern, 7 PM UK time, that’s bright and early on Sunday morning in New Zealand for another Mosen Explosion.

And as you may have heard, we now slice and dice the show to make up the new Mosen At Large Podcast, available in a podcast app near you! It’s amazing what you blind people can do nowadays eh?

It’s Father’s Day here in New Zealand, and I’m sure for those who travel, it must get very confussling with Father’s Day happening at different times all around the world.

This week on The Mosen Explosion, what do Windows 95 and living next door to Alice have in common?

Ah yesh, it sheemsh like only yeshterday. There were big countdowns, events across the world at midnight, all for the launch of Microsoft’s Windows 95. Of course, nowadays, you get a new version of Windows every six months and you wait for it to turn up one day and hope you still have your documents.

On this week's Mosen Explosion, parties and milestones and jingles, oh my!

What do you do when you reach a big, humungonormous, mega milestone birthday, eh? What do you do? Well if you’re Bonnie Mosen, which you’re not of course because otherwise you’d be here living with me, you would have a kids’ party with a custom-designed Game of Thrones cake!

We're back live on this week's Mosen Explosion, and the anticipation is building

If four hours of some of the best music ever made coupled with some friendly and engaging conversation sounds like your thing, then you’ll be pleased to know that I’m back live this week with another edition of The Mosen Explosion.

We’ll be taking just a little time during the show to pay tribute to a wonderful woman for whom I am incredibly grateful, Bonnie’s Mum, who died last week.

No new Mosen Explosion this weekend, so we're dipping into the archives

This weekend, there’ll be no new, live, Mosen Explosion, but I will be back with you for a new show on 10 August.

In case you had a life back on 6 August 2017 and you didn’t hear the show from that day, that’s what we’ll be running in the slot this weekend.

Have a good week, and I’ll see you back on the 10th.

It's a themeless, meandering Mosen Explosion

We’ve had a couple of big shows over the last couple of weeks, with our amazing moon landing special last week and the show about the sport that must not be named the week before that. I’ll have a little to say about that on this week’s Mosen Explosion.

But for the most part, this week’s show is wide open, with a great variety of music and conversation that could take us anywhere.

Bonnie is here with a bulletin containing something of significant significance, and we’ll look back on this day in history.

The Mosen Explosion goes on-location for our Apollo 11 celebration

Sorry to disappoint you, but when I say “on-location”, we’re not quite getting to the moon to host this week’s show. I put in a proposal, but unfortunately it wasn’t approved by our miserly Mushroom FM Budget Director.

Nevertheless, we are indeed heading out of the studio for some of this week’s show, as Bonnie, Heidi and I head to Te Papa, the Museum of New Zealand, to examine some moon rock. We’ll tell you the story behind how New Zealand ended up with it, and Heidi will read a newspaper story from the day of the moon landing from 50 year old newsprint.


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