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Coming up on Thursday's edition of The Daily Fibre

Every week day at 3 AM and PM Eastern, that's currently 7 AM and PM in the UK, The Daily Fibre is your perfect blend of the latest tech news and the greatest musical memories.

On Thursday's edition, how did Apple get Siri so badly wrong? After a huge head start in the voice assistant space, Apple has squandered its lead to the extent that many consider it is way behind its competitors. A new, in-depth article talks with former Apple employees who explain why it all went so badly.

Attention! Attention! The Mosen Explosion may start an hour earlier for you! Attention!

Right, now that I have your attention…The time has come around again when we get to one of the two periods each year where people start fooling with the ultimate forces of time and risk blowing massive holes in the space/time continuum.

In other words, the clocks go forward in North America this week. This affects us at Mushroom Fm because way back when we started in 2010, we adopted Eastern US time as our official time zone.

Monday's Daily Fibre has comprehensive coverage of the Galaxy S9 launch

The Samsung Galaxy S series is the most popular Android phone on the market. So when a new version of it is unveiled, it’s a big deal. At the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Samsung have just revealed what’s in their flagship devices for 2018.

We’ll be bringing you the highlights of the launch, in addition to comprehensive analysis of how the new device stacks up with the competition.

After hearing Monday’s edition of The Daily Fibre, you’ll be completely up to speed with one of the major mobile devices of 2018.

Celebrating George Harrison's 75th birthday on this week's Mosen Explosion

The Mosen Explosion is back this week. Thanks so much to everyone for their good wishes.

It’s our final Beatles 75th birthday celebration. On 25 February 1943, George Harrison was born. In the midst of the mania and the madness, he found meditation, mindfulness and inner piece, a man well ahead of his time in western culture.

He blossomed as a lyricist and composer, having created so much material that after the break-up of the Beatles, he had a triple album of material ready to go.

The Daily Fibre is back for the Wednesday Edition

I’m back with an hour of the latest tech news and some great music in the mix as well, on Mushroom FM’s Daily Fibre show.

On the Wednesday edition, are Spotify and Facebook about to enter the smart speaker market?

Is iPhone X production in trouble, and how does Apple compare with its rivals in terms of cell phone sales?

Apple Watch saves the life of a mother and her baby.

Why it’s imperative that you get the latest iOS update, and much more.

See you for the Daily Fibre, right after Anthony at 3 AM or PM Eastern, 8 AM or PM in the UK.

No Daily Fibre for at least the first part of this week

Hi everyone, due to health issues, I’m not able to present The Daily Fibre for at least Monday and Tuesday.
I hope to be back for the Wednesday edition but will post ahead of Wednesday to confirm either way.

No Mosen Explosion this week

As you will have heard if you were listening to last week’s show, it’s been a rough time for me healthwise over the last few weeks. Sadly that continues, and I need to just take some time out and try to get better.

Hopefully, I’ll see you back for the show next week.

On Monday's Daily Fibre, I'm talking HomePod with David Woodbridge

The Daily Fibre is Mushroom FM’s technology magazine show. We have the latest tech news with some great music thrown in.

On Monday’s show, I’m talking with assistive technology expert David Woodbridge about Apple’s new HomePod smart speaker, which includes the VoiceOver screen reader. We’ll frankly discuss the device’s strengths and weaknesses compared with other options on the market.

The Daily Fibre is spaced out

Every week day at 3 AM, and repeated at 3 Pm Eastern US time, Mushroom FM’s Daily Fibre keeps you on the cutting edge of technology news.

It’s only right, given the magnitude of our top story, that we’re devoting a little over half the programme to extensive coverage of the successful Spacex Falcon Heavy launch. It’s an incredible achievement and we’ll give you the facts, and on locations sounds of the big event.

iOS 11.3 beta 2 is out for developers, we look at some intriguing new things, including an audio demonstration of the new battery health feature.

Commemorating a 35th anniversary on this week's Mosen Explosion

First of all, a quick song for out times…”Take, me out to the ball, game, take, me out to the crowd…”. Oh, wait, wrong ball game. I dunno what to sing for the soup bowl actually.

Never mind, The Mosen Explosion inexorably rolls on for another week. Sadly, on 4 February 1983, Karen Carpenter died aged just 32. In collaboration with her brother Richard, she produced some outstanding music. Amazing use of multitracked harmonies, lush arrangements, and that full, rich, unmistakable voice. The Carpenters are our featured artists on this week’s show to honour her legacy.


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