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On the Smorgasbord, FM radio on your phone, Alexa's new smarts, and more

It would be beyond epic if you could join me, Jonathan Mosen, for another edition of the jolly old Smorgasbord. You can hear the show exclusively on Mushroom FM at either 3 AM or Pm Eastern, that’s 8 AM or PM in the UK.

On today’s show, there’s an increasing clamour to ensure that FM radio is available on all smartphones. Isn’t this a bit retro? Well, not really. I explain why FM radio on your phone could save your life.

We learn about the latest smarts gained by Amazon Echo, which make it an even cooler smart speaker than ever.

On today's Smorgasbord, Daryl Hall's getting older, hard drives are getting bigger

It’s amazing what we get away with on Mushroom Fm. It’s Wednesday, the peak of the week, and time for another Smorgasbord, with me, Jonathan Mosen at 3 AM and Pm Eastern US time.

On today’s show, we’re celebrating the birthday of super duper songster Daryl Hall, who along with John Oates did a number of songs that were epic.

In tech news, we reminisce about the small hard drives of old that we thought were so enormous, as Seagate announce a desktop hard drive that is bigger than huge and larger than massive. I’ll give you all the details.

On Tuesday's Smorgasbord, what song was banned by the BBC this day in 1962?

I hope you’ll join me, Jonathan Mosen, for Tuesday’s edition of the Smorgasbord. It’s a tasty mix of musical morsels, tech news, listener interaction and conversation.

On Tuesday’s show, we celebrate the birthday of someone who’s known as a bit of a rocker but took a bit of a detour. Listeners react to Monday’s show. We’ve got some epic music in the mix.

And we tell you about a song that was banned by the BBC on this day in 1962. You probably won’t believe that this song was banned, or the reason for banning it.

On Monday's Smorgasboard, John Lennon's birthday, instant messengers, great tunes

For some, it’s a little secret that for around 14 months, I’ve been hosting a fun show every week day from 3 until 4 AM Eastern. Now, with the scheduling changes, you can hear it at both 3 AM and PM Eastern, that’s 8 AM and PM in the UK.

The Smorgasbord is a great mix of music from our four decades of magic Mushroom memories, plus I’ll be keeping you updated with the latest tech news and chatting about this and that. It’s a friendly show with some of the best music ever made, with a lot of chat thrown in for good measure.

Hot Chocolate, a cool toy, and the Cold Hard facts on The Mosen Explosion

I’m already looking forward to my favourite time of the week, when I get to spend four hours with you, chatting about who knows what, and playing the best jolly music ever gosh darn made. Hot freaking dang and flaming heck. The Mosen Explosion is on again.

Take a look at our full new line-up

We've been hard at work making all the changes needed to bring you our fresh coat of paint, starting on Monday. If you've been listening over the last few days, you will have heard some fun new promos for our shows, containing their new times.

Don't miss this. A special documentary, "Meet the fun guys".

Over the last few weeks, we’ve been hard at work making refinements to Mushroom FM based on your feedback. From Monday, you’ll hear more of your favourite fun guys more often, and our request system is getting a supercharge. I’ve been here since I started Mushroom FM in 2010, and I can tell you without a shadow of a doubt, Mushroom FM has never sounded better than it will starting Monday.

The Smorgasbord pays tribute to Tom Petty

On Wednesday’s edition of the Smorgasbord, it’s all Tom Petty, with the Heartbreakers and with the Travelling Wilburys. Tom Petty died yesterday, just short of his 67th birthday, leaving us a rich and memorable musical legacy. I’ll play a selection of that legacy on the Smorgasbord. Join me at 3 AM Eastern, 8 AM in the UK, here on Mushroom FM.

Listen up! From 9 October, Mushroom FM's getting a fresh coat of paint

If you check the Mushroom FM schedule over the coming week, you'll notice that next week's schedule looks quite different from this week's. That's because Mushroom FM's making some changes.

We're still your station for four decades of magic mushroom memories, but now, you can hear fun guys on-air more often. And on those much rarer occasions when there's no fun guy on-air, you have a much bigger say in what we play than ever before. Want the scoop? Read on.

On today's Mosen Explosion, does Gerry need a pacemaker? Happy 75th

We’re back again from the twilight zone. Doo doo dee doo, doo doo dee doo. The clocks have already gone forward in New Zealand, causing some people to be quite grumpy about the fact that the clocks have gone forward in New Zealand.

We’ve had our election but we don’t yet have a government as coalition talks are about to begin, which is causing people to be grumpy because the election is over but we don’t have a government.


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