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The Mosen Explosion, not on the TV

It’s the kind of scenario that keeps one awake at night. It’s the kind of nightmare from which you wake up in a cold sweat. “Now just a minute, Jonathan, just a minute! How can it give you a nightmare when it’s kept you awake, eh? How!” “Shut up Jonathan, I’m writing this promo”. “Oh, sorry Jonathan, sorry”.

The Mosen Explosion pays tribute to another departed musical talent

It’s true! Due to a shortage of qualified personnel, management is letting The Mosen Explosion back on Mushroom FM for another week! I dunno. People these days!

Just before last week’s show started, we learned of the death of Steely Dan’s Walter Becker. Today, we’re featuring another artist who died in the last week, country music legend Don Williams, a man with a rich velvet voice and some great country tracks.

We're talking Apple gadgets on this week's A Cuppa at the Mosens

Once again, we're back with Mushroom FM's global talkshow, "a cuppa at the mosens" at 9 PM Eastern on Thursday.

It's back! Join us for A Cuppa at the Mosens

Once again, we're back to talk to the world on another edition of a cuppa at the Mosens on mushroom FM.

Since it's been a few weeks since both of us have been with you, it's an open forum this week, although we have a couple of topics to throw into the mix to get you thinking.

It's hard to believe, but it was 20 years ago today that Princess Diana died. For those of us who were around to remember it, it is certainly one of those "where were you when" moments. What are your memories of the day that Princess Diana died, and how has her legacy endured 20 years on.

The Mosen Explosion, from the place where it's finally all happening

The Mosen Explosion is back again for another four hours this week. It’s the show that makes you glad you only have to put up with it for four hours a week, and it’s the show with a repaired, reinvigorated, rejuvenated listener line! Hurray! Someone put a shilling in the meter or something, and now you can call in again to 404-458-0645. You can also participate in all the fun by sending an email either in writing, or containing an audio attachment.

In loving memory of Tracey Clasper

It was with profound shock and sadness that I learned upon waking this morning of the death of Tracey Clasper.

Tracey was a much-loved voice on Mushroom FM for over three and a half years. We first heard her on-air trying to keep her husband Terry under control during 60s 70s Sunday, But Trace grew in confidence as a broadcaster, and soon she was making a significant contribution in her own right with shows of her own.

The Mosen Explosion, the show that prematurely ages Bonnie

On the 21st of August, 19…well it’s more than my life’s worth to get more specific than that, Bonnie Mosen, who wasn’t called that then of course, was born. And thank goodness she was! That’s what I say!

Well the thing is, she was born in the United States, and now she lives here in New Zealand. Although Mushroom FM chooses US Eastern time as its official time zone, meaning that the Mosen Explosion for this week goes to air on the 20th, it’s the 21st here. And that means that, technically speaking, we’ve prematurely aged Bonnie by a day. The very thought of it!

It's an open forum, on A Cuppa at the Mosen

Bonnie is away at a conference this week, so it's Jonathan flying solo on Mushroom FM’s global call-in show, A Cuppa at the Mosens.

The Zoom room and phone lines will be wide open for us to chat about anything, be it a weighty political matter or something lighter.

Send your requests and memories for the conclusion of Elvis day

For over half a century, millions of people have smooched to “Can’t Help Falling in Love”. They’ve cried to “Are you Lonesome Tonight”. They’ve danced to “Jailhouse Rock”, and they’ve tried to sing “It’s Now or never” in the shower.

Elvis was such a gifted vocalist, recording timeless songs in so many styles, that is music as still as much loved as ever.

Locked and loaded. It's The Mosen Explosion. That I can tell you!

The Mosen explosion,
makes such a commotion,
whenever it comes on the air.
It’ll make you feel happy,
when life’s being crappy,
and lift you right out of despair.

So I suggest you,
turn the ‘shroom on at 2,
and phone in, or email, or tweet.
Because some people say,
when it comes to Sunday,
the Explosion just makes it complete.


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