Listening to the Mushroom Munch can make you smarter

Join Jeff Molzow for Trivial Thursday tomorrow from 9:00 to 11:00 Eastern (Both AM and PM). as we explore some crazy trivia about the human brain. Did you know that there is a measureable brain difference between IPhone users and Android users? And, over 60% of our brain is made of fat, so maybe that extra bag of chips or candy bar might be OK... or maybe not. So put your gray matter to work and let's probe that 3 pounds of spaghetti between our ears together. And of course, we'll have those four decades of magical musical Mushroomie memories.

Presenting Thankful Thursdays on the Sara Hillis Show!

I've been picking my own brain about possible new features for the Sara Hillis Show in honour of the new week-day format on Mushroom FM, and I've finally thought of something that I think would be a great idea. Every Thursday, I want to focus on gratitude, either my own or that of listeners. I'm going to call it Thankful Thursdays, and it'll take up as much of the show as it will need to. If every voice-break is about some sort of gratitudinous thought, that would be amazing.

On today's Smorgasbord, Daryl Hall's getting older, hard drives are getting bigger

It’s amazing what we get away with on Mushroom Fm. It’s Wednesday, the peak of the week, and time for another Smorgasbord, with me, Jonathan Mosen at 3 AM and Pm Eastern US time.

On today’s show, we’re celebrating the birthday of super duper songster Daryl Hall, who along with John Oates did a number of songs that were epic.

In tech news, we reminisce about the small hard drives of old that we thought were so enormous, as Seagate announce a desktop hard drive that is bigger than huge and larger than massive. I’ll give you all the details.

On Tuesday's Smorgasbord, what song was banned by the BBC this day in 1962?

I hope you’ll join me, Jonathan Mosen, for Tuesday’s edition of the Smorgasbord. It’s a tasty mix of musical morsels, tech news, listener interaction and conversation.

On Tuesday’s show, we celebrate the birthday of someone who’s known as a bit of a rocker but took a bit of a detour. Listeners react to Monday’s show. We’ve got some epic music in the mix.

And we tell you about a song that was banned by the BBC on this day in 1962. You probably won’t believe that this song was banned, or the reason for banning it.

Anthony Unleashed, again!

I’m so excited, and I just can’t hide it, I’m about to lose control and I think I like it!
Um, oops, sorry that’s just the fumes of the new coat of paint going to my head.
Okay, okay, I’ve calmed down now enough to tell you that Anthony, who is I, is unleashed on your Monday.
Not only that, but on your Tuesday, your Wednesday, your Thursday, and even your Friday!
How incredible is that!
When are you on I hear you say? Either with excitement or trepidation, I can’t quite tell…

Same Sara Hillis Show, New Sara Hillis Times!

Yes, as you most likely have heard somewhere by now, Mushroom FM is making some changes to its week-day schedule. In terms of the Sara Hillis Show, this means that it's moving to 12:00 PM and 12:00 AM eastern time every Monday through Friday. So, you now have two chances to hear two hours of great Mushroom FM music and so-so Sara Hillis banter from yours truly every week-day! I'll be on right after Bonnie and 80s Lady at 11:00 and before Anthony Unleashed at 2:00.

Eighties Lady New Time Same Old Great Music

It’s 80’s lady new time but same great music. Beginning this Monday, October 9, you can find me, the Eighties Lady spinning music from my favourite decade at my new time but old home and in all your fav music apps 11:00 a.m. and p.m. Eastern.
You can listen while you avoid your boss’s email or wile dropping off to sleep. So, pull out your old Simon game, slip into a snakeskin mini skirt, and relive the songs that made that decade great.

On Monday's Smorgasboard, John Lennon's birthday, instant messengers, great tunes

For some, it’s a little secret that for around 14 months, I’ve been hosting a fun show every week day from 3 until 4 AM Eastern. Now, with the scheduling changes, you can hear it at both 3 AM and PM Eastern, that’s 8 AM and PM in the UK.

The Smorgasbord is a great mix of music from our four decades of magic Mushroom memories, plus I’ll be keeping you updated with the latest tech news and chatting about this and that. It’s a friendly show with some of the best music ever made, with a lot of chat thrown in for good measure.

Twin spins, tripple plays, version comparisons, same title different songs, oh my! This week on The Early Years

Hi, I'm Steve Cutway inviting you to join me for the best music from the 50s and 60s on The Early Years. I have LOTS OF version comparisons, same title different song pairs, a triple play, twin spins and a pair that definitely wouldn't see the light of day in politically correct 2017. I'll also tell you about the new and improved Mushroom FM that kicks off at 9 AM tomorrow morning.
You can contact me any time by e-mail at with comments about the show and suggestions for future shows.

Hot Chocolate, a cool toy, and the Cold Hard facts on The Mosen Explosion

I’m already looking forward to my favourite time of the week, when I get to spend four hours with you, chatting about who knows what, and playing the best jolly music ever gosh darn made. Hot freaking dang and flaming heck. The Mosen Explosion is on again.


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