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As a confirmed geek from way back, I love reading the latest tech news. In January 2018, I decided to start a daily Internet radio show on Mushroom FM called The Daily Fibre. It blends the latest tech news with a great mix of music from the 50s through the 80s.

It's been very popular, but there's been one frequent request. "Can you please make this available as a podcast?”

It's all about the Kentucky Derby on Mel's Place

Join me later today for Mel's Place where we'll be delving into all things Kentucky Derby. This is a big time here in Kentucky and I'd like to share with you some of my favorite things - recipes, horse zodiac signs (yes you read that right!) and much more. So tune in at 4 PM eastern to Mel's Place and hang out with me for two hours of Kentucky Derby fun!

Jimmy Preston this week on The Juke In The Back

The Juke In The Back” focuses on the “soul that came before rock n’ roll,” the records that inspired Elvis, Buddy Holly, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones and countless others.

Don't miss our Windows 10 update special, on the next edition of The Daily Fibre

The Daily Fibre is Mushroom FM's technology magazine show. Heard every week day at 3 AM US Eastern time, then again at 3 PM Eastern, The Daily Fibre brings you the latest technology news, with some of the greatest musical memories thrown in the mix as well.

Monday's edition of the Daily Fibre is another special. Microsoft is beginning the release of the Windows 10 April 2018 Update. Since this is the operating system that powers most of the world's desktops and laptops, it's a big deal, and it's the only story we're covering on this edition of the show.

This is it! the conclusion of the Rolling Stone top 500 greatest songs of all time this week on The Early Years

Join me in The Early Years where you'll enjoy the best variety of music from the 50s and 60s including music from before the rock era which is generally accepted as starting in 1955.
This week, it's the final part of the countdown of the greatest songs of the 50s and 60s according to Rolling Stone Magazine. I have 21 songs to play and I'll start at #24 and continue to #1. What will it be?
You can contact me with comments and suggestions for future shows, particularly your jaw-dropping songs for a future show I'm working on. More about that on this week's show.

Abba Dabba Doo! It's the Mosen Explosion, on your Abba reunification station

Yet again, relentlessly and mercilessly, The Mosen Explosion is preparing to disrupt your airwaves at 2 PM Eastern, 7 PM UK time, bright and early at 6 AM in New Zealand.

Old, New, Borrowed and Blue--or Something, this week on Come by the Hills!

Yes, it's time once again for another three hours of great Celtic music on Mushroom FM! This week, there's a brand new version of a very special (to me at least) song I wrote some years ago in "Me Music," another new song from Loreena McKennitt's upcoming album which is due out on May 11, some classic folk song-related comedy from Anna Russell instead of "Celtic Covers," and even a salute to ANZAC Day which happened on April 25.

Little Esther this week on The Juke In The Back

The Juke In The Back” focuses on the “soul that came before rock n’ roll,” the records that inspired Elvis, Buddy Holly, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones and countless others.

Mel's Place is taking a road trip to the 60's!

Hi there, I hope you'll join me tomorrow (Friday) for Mel's Place. We're going to go on a little road trip back in time to the 60's. See, I was just looking for a particular song and lo and behold I began to find multiple, no, a plethora, of great music that I enjoyed as a child and completely forgot about. So come on over to Mel's Place, grab a beverage of your choice, have a seat and let's, as they say, get this show on the road! I'll see you Friday at 4!

Ringo Starr comes to Mushroom FM starting this Saturday

In 1983, Ringo Starr produced a series of radio shows in which he talked about his life in The Beatles, and played plenty of Beatles music. Now, Mushroom FM is bringing that show back.

Join Ringo Starr for Ringo's Yellow Submarine, in which he provides us with a first-hand account of what it was like to be a part of the best rock band in history.


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