10th Anniversary Show! this week on The Juke In The Back!

The Juke In The Back” focuses on the “soul that came before rock n’ roll,” the records that inspired Elvis, Buddy Holly, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones and countless others.

No Treasure Island Oldies today

Unfortunately, we have not received Treasure Island Oldies in time to air today. However, we do expect to have it available for its second airing on our birthday, Saturday 25 April at 7 AM. Do join Michael then. Today, you'll hear some great selections from our four decades of magic Mushroom memories.

Clyde McPhatter & The Drifters this week on The Juke In The Back!

The Juke In The Back” focuses on the “soul that came before rock n’ roll,” the records that inspired Elvis, Buddy Holly, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones and countless others.

Mushroom FM is celebrating a major milestone. Send in your contribution for our 10th birthday show

Next Saturday at 2 PM US Eastern time, it will be exactly 10 years ago when Mushroom FM began with its opening programme, a documentary introducing the station. At that time, we’ll be featuring a programme looking back at the last 10 years and celebrating all we’ve achieved.

During the current international crisis, even listeners who perhaps haven’t checked in with us for a while have come back to Mushroom FM and been reminded of the familiar voices and sense of community that all of us, fun guys and listeners together, have built.

More songs about music this week on The Early Years!

After you've enjoyed The Mosen Explosion this afternoon, stay tuned for The Early Years where you'll enjoy the best music from Rock and Roll's Golden Age (its first quarter century) with an occasional nod to other decades and genres.
As you've heard me say many times, it's all about the music on Mushroom FM the home of the fun guys. But I'm continuing to delve a little deeper with more music about music, a listener-suggested theme.

This week on The Mosen Explosion, now you SE it

It’s nearly time once again for another jolly old Mosen Explosion, live from New Zealand here on Mushroom FM right after Chuck at 2 PM Eastern, 7 PM in the UK.

Join Jonathan at noon Eastern for a super-sized Smorgasbord, with funny bits

When you're smiling...when you're smiling, the whole world smiles with you. When you snore, you sleep alone.

As we know, Sara smiles. Right? Right. But Sara's having a well-deserved day off today, aw'w'w'w'w'w'w. We want to keep the smiles coming, especially in this era where any smiles are most welcome.

So I hope you'll join me, Jonathan Mosen, at noon Eastern, 5 PM UK, as I take Sara's two hours, add my own one little hour, and create a super sumptuous feast on The Smorgasbord.

It's John prine Again, this Week on Come by the Hills

Hello again! Sara Hillis here to tell you that if you missed the tribute to John Prine last week on Come by the Hills, you have a chance to hear it again this Sunday. This is partly because my weekend is rather taken up with other things, but also because I forgot to do the thing that makes the replay play this morning. So, in order for the Friday folkies to hear last Sunday's Celtic show, I'm going to play it again this Sunday, also giving anyone else a chance to hear our tribute to John Prine again if they missed any or all of it.

the very first edition of Damo's All Day Breakfast.

Hi, or G'day mate, as we'd say here in Aus.
I'm Damo, and I'm delighted to be back broadcasting on Mushroom FM, where my internet radio days began, way back on the 30th of May 2010.

Being proudly Australian, and living as I do, in the river city of Brisbane, you're bound to here quite a bit of music from Australia and New Zealand on the show. I'm also a keen foody, and love cooking outdoors, and, I'm a smoker... no not that kind of smoker, I love making my own smoked meats, so this week on the show, I'll tell you about some of the gadgets I use, and things I like to cook.

Coming up on Saturday at the Described Movies: The Longest Yard

Only on Mushroom escape:
From this Saturday at 2am Eastern, that’s 6pm Saturday in NZ, 4pm in Sydney and 7am in the UK, and repeated every four hours throughout the day, it’s the described movie The Longest Yard from 2005.
The Longest Yard is a 2005 American prison sports comedy film directed by Peter Segal and written by Sheldon Turner.


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