On Wednesday at 2 AM and PM Eastern, we celebrate the 60th anniversary of "A Hard Day's Night"

On 10 July 1964, Parlophone released the Beatles’ third studio album, “A Hard Day’s Night”. The album contained songs from the blockbuster movie of the same name. It was the first album to feature all original Beatles material.

The Beatles released an album with the same title but with a different track listening a couple of weeks earlier in the United States.

Coming up on 10 July at 2 AM Eastern, then repeated at 2 PM Eastern on the Mosen Explosion, I’ll be celebrating this milestone in musical history. We’ll give you a detailed explanation of each song, why it was written and how it was recorded. We’ll even get a bit geeky and point out difference between the stereo and mono mixes of a couple of the songs. And you’ll hear the Beatles in their own words, along with producer George Martin.

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Join me for the “A Hard Day’s Night” special right here on Mushroom FM.