The Mosen Explosion, Travel, and Baseball, and Bananas, oh my!

The Mosen Explosion is just hours away as I write this. Authorities are on alert, and appropriate warnings have been issued. It's the last Explosion for a while in front of all the lovely faders and buttons, as we're busy making a list, checking it twice, and preparing to visit people naughty and nice.

It's Wade Hemsworth's Birthday This Week on Come By The Hills!

And just who, you may as, is Wade Hemsworth? Well, he was the mind behind several Canadian folk songs which people later described as simply "traditional." If you've heard songs such as "The Blackfly Song" or "The Wild Goose," then you've heard Wade Hemsworth's music; And perhaps the best thing of all about Wade Hemsworth is that he was born and raised in my own home town of Brantford Ontario before striking out for places as far-flung as Newfoundland, Northern Ontario, Eastern Quebec, and many other musically interesting spots in this great land of ours.

Breaking News!

Breaking News! No live Bonair this week! Due to an emergency of the Samsonite variety, Bonair—6:00 – 8:00 p.m. EST on and in all your fav apps is pre-recorded. The faithful traveling companion of the Mosen family has a structural flaw making it unwise to travel long distances, so the entire Mosen clan has gathered at a nearby mall to seek out a worthy replacement. Bonnie has stayed up late to insure you have two hours of great music and some usual Bonnie banter, so sit back and enjoy the tunes.

She's Back!

She really Is Back! Bonaire—Saturday 6:00 – 8:00 EST on and in all your fav music apps. I’m over the worst of my cold and ready to spend two hours with you. I’ll take your requests, tell you what’s been going on, and have a little “Food for Thought”. So, if you’ve missed me tune in, and if not tune in anyway. If you’d like to contact the show, email or tweet @bonniemosen.

Annie Songs: Prequels, Sequels & Answer Records this week on The Juke in the Back

This week, the “Juke In The Back” explores the rhythm and blues phenomenon of the “Annie” song.  This is the giant wave of sequel songs and answer records that emerged after the enormous success of The Midnighters’ “Work With Me Annie.”  Most of the hit “Annie” follow-ups were done by The Midnighters themselves, like “Annie Had A Baby” and “Annie’s Aunt Fannie,” but there were some notable “Annie” songs by The El Dorados, Linda Hayes, Danny Taylor and of course the “Henry” songs by a very young Etta James.  It may sound odd now, but from 1954-56, the R&B juke boxes were jumpin’ to songs

I’m back in the Shed!

That’s right, less than 30 minutes from now, at 11PM Eastern, 4am Sunday in the UK and 4pm Sunday in New Zealand, I finally open the doors again.
It’s been a while I thought, and then I realised it was last month!
I have a lot of time to make up, and more madness and mayhem to inflict on you.
There will also be a triple threat, and a live and loud segment.
As usual, as I play whatever comes into my head, if you wish to stop this, simply send in requests:
E-mail: anthony at Mushroomfm dot com
Or find me on Twitter: @kiwisnake

Come By The Hills Comes Your Way Again This Week!

Well, Thanksgiving is all over and life continues on here in Canada as normal, and also as normal, I'm in the Funguy DJ chair at 8:00 PM Eastern on Sunday evening with three hours of the best in Celtic music from around the world. We'll have all our usual features, some new (to me at least) artists to experience, an English song which sounds suspiciously like an Italian song that Tom Dekker played on Woofman's World Music this past Monday, and even a bit of Celtic commedy from the one and only Tom Lehrer.

She's Back!!

She’s Back!! Bonair, Saturday 6:00 – 8:00 p.m. EST on and in all your fav music apps. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, girls and boys, androids and apples and other carbon lifeforms who may be listening, Bonnie Mosen is back and live in the studio. After two weekends of barn orientation and the Blind Citizens of New Zealand conference, she has a lot to banter about. No worries though, she will play your fav requests have a topic for pondering, and a tasty “Food for Thought”.

The songs of Rudy Toombs this week on The Juke in the Back

This week, The “Juke In The Back” features the songs of one of R&B’s greatest songwriters: Rudy Toombs.  This underrated cat wrote some of the most fabulous drinking songs of all-time for Amos Milburn, The Clovers, The Five Keys and a young Johnny “Guitar” Watson.  Beyond drinking songs, Toombs wrote some mega-hits for Ruth Brown, Varetta Dillard and Little Willie John, just to name a few.  Matt The Cat gives you the story behind the story of one of early rock n’ roll’s greatest cleffers.  It’s Rudy Toombs’ best songs, this week on the “Juke In The Back”, Saturday afternoon at 03:00 PM

Mosen on down for this week's Country Oasis

Sadly, cute Caroline can't be with us this week for the Country Oasis. But I really enjoy my two-hour fix of country, so I decided if the expert couldn't do it, then I'd have to fix me my country fix myself. So I'm fixin' to bring you two hours of the best of country old and new, Friday Eastern time at 2.

I've got a few great story songs, some songs that remind me of my childhood, a few New Zealand country tunes, and of course some country with a Beatles connection.


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