The original R&B Crickets this week on The Juke in the Back

The “Juke In The Back” is loaded with records by the 1950s R&B vocal group, The Crickets.  They hailed from The Bronx and only recorded from late 1952
to 1954, but man did they lay down some sweet harmonies.  Buddy Holly would take the name to the top of the charts, but these guys had it first.  Grover
“Dean” Barlow led the group vocally, but it was record label owner Joe Davis that would ultimately control their fate.  Matt The Cat tells the story of
the original Crickets and their 3 group incarnations on this week’s “Juke In The Back.”

Still having a party in the Shed.

That’s right, from 11pm Eastern tonight, the Shed opens its doors four another four hours.
And of course, 11pm Eastern is 4am Sunday in the UK and 3pm Sunday here in good old, wet New Zealand.
Mushroomstock is over, but that’s no reason to be sad.
Come join me, Anthony Horvath for four hours of madness and mayhem.
The triple threat is back, and yes that live and loud segment as well.
Perhaps you have requests, or perhaps you want to let us know what acts you enjoyed the most at Mushroomstock, or acts that sadly didn’t make an appearance?

It's National Who Needs a Theme Week on Come by the Hills!

Yes, for the past few weeks, I've either been intentionally organizing theme shows, or themes have emerged from the chaos that is my mind as a result of playlist creation. However, neither of these things happened this week, so instead of a theme, we're just going to play some cracking good music. I mean, isn't that what we're here for anyway?

Take Stock! It's the post-Mushroomstock Bonair

Take stock it’s the post Mushroomstock Bonair—6:00 – 8:00 p.m. EST on mushroomfm and in all your fav music aps. The fun in fungus field may be finished but stick around for two hours of post Mushroomstock music and merriment. In addition to the usual Bonnie banter, we will play your requests and have a Mushroomstock wrap-up from the Mushroom man himself, Jonathan Mosen. We will also discuss the new iPhone. So turn up and tune in. If you’d like to contact the show, email or tweet @bonniemosen.

All systems go at Mushroomstock 2016

Are you excited yet?
It's now only a few mere hours until we can finally unleash Mushroomstock 2016 upon you.

All sounds checks have now been completed and have gone relatively trouble free bar a bit of an issue yesterday, as our opening act ran through their set.
I had fully intended to post a blog from the venue yesterday, but with the chaos that ensued around here , involving the emergency services and the military, I was a little side tracked.

News from Mushroomstock 2016

Well folks it's a busy old day here.
All preparations are now done.
As mentioned the other day.
The stage, sound and lighting are in place.
Work has now been completely finished on the boat jetty behind the stage, that the artists will arrive and depart from the stage.
All of the tented village, housing food and refreshments are now also ready and in place.
From early this morning we've had some of the artists appearing, flying in on their Helicopters.
The field to the West of the arena now resembles an Airport.

5 Days and counting!!

Well, with only 5 days to go now until Mushroomstock 2016 gets underway.
It has been a hive of activity down at Fungus Field over the weekend.
It truly is a unique setting with the stage partially built out onto the lake.
The stage is now completely finished now that the lighting rig and sound systems have been fitted in the last 24 hours.
Today work was continuing on the boat pier behind the stage.
This will be the entrance and exit point for all the artists.

I'm so Excited - just 5 more sleeps to go!!!

I tell you folks this is just such an exciting time of the year and it's especially so with all the excitement around this weekend.

No, no - I'm not getting one of these new exciting black or extra black iPhones or anything like that - but if you are then what a weekend you're going to have.

No my excitement is that MushroomStock 2016 is just 5 days away and it's going to be our best yet!!!

Living it up in the shed.

That’s right, at the top of the hour, that’s 11pm Eastern, 4am Sunday in the UK and 3pm Sunday in good old New Zealand, I’m opening up the Shed Doors for another week.
And, what a week it’s been!
I’m back home!
You can expect four hours of complete nonsense, including, but not limited to, a wide variety of music, a triple threat, and a live and loud segment.
I’ll even add in a few rambles of my own, and you all know how much I love to ramble.
Of course to stop all this craziness from happening, send in requests by e-mailing: anthony at mushroomfm dot com

The verdict is in. It's a topsy-turvy Mosen Explosion

There are few things in life that would keep me away from the Mosen Explosion family. Very very few. You may recall that back in 2011, I started my show an hour late because of the special 60th anniversary extended edition of The Archers, the BBC radio drama that's been running non-stop since 1951, and which I've been listening to for over 40 years.


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