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Bickering Crime Photography on the Next Dusty Attic

Tune in to The Dusty Attic with Ryan O. on Mushroom Escape every Monday at midnight, 4AM, 8AM, noon, 4PM and 8 Pm Eastern Time. We pay tribute to the golden age of radio; that period between 1930 and sometime in the 1950’s when radio entertainment reigned supreme in America.

More Grab Bag Radio on Monday's Dusty Attic

Tune into The Dusty Attic every Monday on Mushroom Escape. It is the program on which we feature the golden age of radio. It is heard at midnight, 4AM, 8AM, noon, 4PM and 8PM Eastern Time.

This Week on The Dusty Attic

Tune in every Monday on Mushroom Escape to The Dusty Attic, with your host, Ryan O. We’ll reel off a couple of programs from radio’s golden age; that blissful period between 1930 and somewhere in the early 1950’s when radio entertainment dominated in America.

On the next episode of The Dusty Attic, we’ll feature an episode of the Phil Harris/Alice Faye Show, in which Phil and Frankie try to donate blood. Of course, fans of the show will only have one question… How much is blood and how much is alcohol?

The Hour of Smiles

Wednesday, May 27, sees the debut of a new show on Mushroom FM, hosted by Bruce Toews. Come join us at 8:00 PM Eastern time for the Hour of Smiles, a family-friendly hour of fun and laughs featuring the best in classic recorded comedy. Bruce loves his comedy, and he loves sharing it with you, the listener. Weird Al Yankovic, Flanders and Swan, Tom Lehrer, Victor Borge, Stan Freberg, Peter Sellers, and the Royal Canadian Air Farce - these are just some of the people you'll hear from every week on the Hour of Smiles. If you can't catch the show the first time around, we have you covered.

The CBS Radio Mystery Theater Comes to Mushroom Escape

One of the most-requested shows for Mushroom Escape has been the CBS Radio Mystery Theater, which ran on CBS from 1974 through 1982, and which produced over thirteen hundred new programs. A lot of people still remember this program from when they were younger, and for many, it was their first introduction to radio drama. Not surprisingly then, many people have requested that we add it.

Escape Velocity: Celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the Apollo 11 Moon Landing on Mushroom Escape

I missed it by just under a year. I have spent most of my life wishing I could have been around to witness the moment when Eagle landed at Tranquility Base on July 20, 1969. I've read every book I could find on the subject, I've imagined the excitement that surely must have been felt around the world, and now it's time to mark that occasion with some very special programming on Mushroom Escape.

Christmas Day on Mushroom Escape

As you may or may not know, Mushroom FM has a sister station, which we proudly call Mushroom Escape. This station features radio drama and comedy, old and new. Of course, the Fun Guys at Mushroom FM are into the Christmas spirit this year as always, but Mushroom Escape has some great Christmas programming for you too. We have eight hours of material, which will play three times throughout the day. Following is a breakdown of what you can expect (all times Eastern North American time):

The Annual Christmas Novelty Special is Here Again!

It's one of many traditions around here at Mushroom FM: Bruce Toews and his Christmas Novelty Special. This year, the special is bigger and better than ever, with all your favorites plus a few new songs that Bruce hasn't played before. What kind of awful things have happened to Santa as he's been trying to make his rounds? What do Yogi Yorgessen, Tom Lehrer, Ray Stevens, and Cledus T. Judd have to say on the subject of the season? All these questions and many more will be dealt with, if not actually answered, on this year's Christmas special.

The War of the Worlds on Mushroom Escape

If you listen to The Dusty Attic on Mushroom Escape today (Monday), you will hear Ryan playing much of The War of the Worlds, the infamous radio broadcast from October 30, 1938. Ryan also discusses the broadcast in-depth and demystifies some of the facts and myths surrounding this iconic hour of radio.

The Return of Mushroom Escape

Many of you will remember, back in the days of Mushroom FM 1.0, a sister station which we had called Mushroom Escape, playing a variety of old-time radio.

Mushroom Escape is, as of right now, back on the air! Bruce Toews has spent a great deal of time over the last few months planning the revived station, learning a new automation system, and implementing it all, and he is sure you will enjoy the new station.

We have more of a variety than ever this time around - everything from Christian to comedy, mystery to quiz shows, theatre, science fiction, and a whole lot more.


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